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Someone Impersonates Han’s Staffers Trying to Steal His KMT Campaign Planks Script Before TV Presentation
The KMT’s first TV presentation of campaign planks for its 2020 Presidential primary just ended on the evening of June 25. However, it was reported that before the TV presentation, someone impersonate ...
2019/06/27 0
Tsai Gov’t Rejects HK-Based Nan Hai Corp. for Taipei Twin Towers Project Owning to National Security Concerns
At the end of last year, the team comprised of Hong Kong-based Nan Hai Development Ltd. and Malaysia-based Malton Berhad won Taipei City Hall’s tender for the Taipei Twin Towers project. In January th ...
2019/06/27 1
Grand Justice Nominee: Taiwan Is a State, and Its Laws Do Not Extend to M’land
Yesterday, the Legislative Yuan held a confirmation hearing on the nominations of Grand Justices. When asked by a legislator whether he was able to accept the “one country, two areas” tossed out by Ka ...
2019/06/27 1
Su Chi: Special State-to-State Relationship Stems from Tsai Ing-wen
Su Chi (蘇起), former secretary-general of the ROC National Security Council, in his book, A Chronicle of Cross-Strait Tempest over Twenty Years, mentions that Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) was a major conceiver o ...
2019/06/27 0
President Tsai Asks Han to Recognize ROC Taiwan as Sovereign State
Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) in the TV presentation of campaign planks for the KMT presidential primary, mentioned that according to the ROC Constitution, the ROC includes two areas, the free ...
2019/06/27 0
Shieh Ming-Yan, Grand Justice Nominee, Approves of De-criminalization of Extramarital Sex
Yesterday, the Legislative Yuan held another confirmation hearing on nominations of Grand Justices. Legislator Yu Mei-nu (尤美女) queried Shieh Ming-Yan (謝銘洋), a Grand Justice nominee, about the issue of ...
2019/06/27 0
Grand Justice Nominees Evade Questions on ROC Existing Territory
The Legislative Yuan yesterday held a confirmation hearing on the nominations of Grand Justices. Chen Yu-chen, an independent legislator, asked, "What does the existing territory of the Republic of Ch ...
2019/06/26 69
Ko Criticizes Tsai Administration for Inefficiency and Incompetence
On June 25, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) criticized that the central government inefficiently handled the case of the Taipei Twin Towers development project and failed to prevent the EVA Air stri ...
2019/06/26 50
Solomon Islands Delegation to Visit the M’land
Taiwan’s diplomatic ties with the Solomon Islands are unstable. Reuters reported on June 24 that Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare set up a “task force” on Taiwan ties, and that a seven ...
2019/06/26 57
KMT’s 1st TV Presentation of Campaign Planks for Primary
Last evening, the KMT held its first TV presentation of campaign planks for its 2020 Presidential primary. The five KMT hopefuls focused on cross-Strait issues.
2019/06/26 58
Formosat-7 Launched Yesterday
Formosat-7, the second satellite constellation jointly built by Taiwan and the US, was launched yesterday at 2:30 p.m. (Taiwan time) from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida onboard a SpaceX Falcon He ...
2019/06/26 45
EVA Air Strike: Management Asks Union to Introduce Revised Proposals for Its Appeals for Resumption of Talks
The strike launched by EVA Air flight attendants enters its seventh day. In the past few days, the Taoyuan City Flight Attendants Union continued to demonstrate goodwill to the management, saying that ...
2019/06/26 62
You Ying-lung Pinpoints 2 Reasons for Tsai’s Surge in Recent Polls
President Tsai Ing-wen’s support ratings have surged in recent opinion polls on the 2020 Presidential race. According to the results of the latest cross-referencing opinion poll released by the Taiwan ...
2019/06/26 48
Hsieh Su-wei Wins Women’s Doubles Title in UK
On June 23, at the Nature Valley Classic in Birmingham, England, Taiwan female tennis ace Hsieh Su-wei (謝淑薇) and her doubles partner Barbora Strycova of the Czech Republic defeated Anna-Lena Groenefel ...
2019/06/25 98
Taiwan Network Communications Operators Say Benefits of Shifting Production Lines Emerge
The Trump administration may require that 5G equipment exported to the US has to be manufactured outside the Mainland. Taiwan network communications operators indicated that with the escalation of the ...
2019/06/25 79
May Figures: Jobless Rate Hikes to 3.75%, While IPI Falls 3.05%
The Directorate General of Budget, Accounting, and Statistics under the Executive Yuan (Cabinet Budget Office) yesterday made public that the unemployment rate for May remained the same as April at 3. ...
2019/06/25 177
Chu & Gou Comment on Han’s Primary Pep Rallies
The competition in the KMT presidential primary is becoming increasingly fierce. The Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation (TPOF), a pro-Green survey organization, yesterday made public its latest poll, ...
2019/06/25 176
After DPP Primary, Tsai Makes Surge in Opinion Polls
In the DPP 2020 Presidential primary, President Tsai Ing-wen beat her challenger Lai Ching-te, securing her status of DPP standard-bearer for her re-election bid. After the DPP primary, Tsai makes a s ...
2019/06/25 112
EVA Air Labor-Management Talks Expected to Resume
A silver lining has appeared after the six-day-strike launched by EVA Air flight attendants. After the Taoyuan City Flight Attendants Union stated on June 23 that it would not insist on a hike in per ...
2019/06/25 76
Military Pension Reforms Case: Constitutional Court Hears Heated Oral Arguments
Yesterday, the Council of Grand Justices (CGJ), sitting as the Constitutional Court, held a hearing on the case concerning the constitutionality of military pension reforms, asking the representatives ...
2019/06/25 55
Power Rate Hikes Become Trend Owing to Gov’t Energy Transformation Policy
Many countries in the world that push energy transformation face the pressure of power rate hikes. According to the Economics Ministry, after Taiwan’s energy transformation, electricity rates will be ...
2019/06/25 72
2019 GDP Growth Rate May Sink Below 2%
The Central Bank stated that as the US had announced a new list of additional tariffs on Chinese imports, including terminal electronic products, such as mobile phones and laptops, it was estimated th ...
2019/06/24 60
OBI Pharma Insider Trading Case: Chairman & 4 Other Top Executives Acquitted
The Shilin District Prosecutors’ Office indicted five of OBI Pharma’s top executives, i.e., Michael Chang (張念慈), chairman of OBI Pharma, Hsu Yo-gung (許友恭), vice chairman, Amy Huang (黃秀美), general mana ...
2019/06/24 66
President Tsai to Transit in New York & Denver on Tour to Caribbean in July
President Tsai Ing-wen’s (蔡英文) seventh diplomatic tour is scheduled for July 11 to 20. During the tour, President Tsai plans to visit our diplomatic partners in the Caribbean, including St. Lucia, St. ...
2019/06/24 7
ROC MAC Minister Chen May Visit US after Trump-Xi Meeting at G20 in Osaka
US President Donald Trump and Xi Jinping (習近平), President of the People's Republic of China (PRC), have announced that they will meet at the G20 summit in Osaka 2019 later this month. The meeting will ...
2019/06/24 34
93% of First-time Job Seekers Unsatisfied with Low Wages, Inclined to Work Overseas
A low-pay phenomenon has suffused Taiwan for such a long time that first-time job seekers would prefer working overseas, seeking jobs with better remuneration.
2019/06/24 53
Chinese Taipei Archery Team Wins 3 Gold Medals at Archery World Championships
At the 2019 Archery World Championships in the Netherlands, the Chinese Taipei recurve women’s team won the first ever gold medal, while Taiwan archer Lei Chien-ying (雷千瑩) beat Kang Chae Young (姜彩瑛) o ...
2019/06/24 50
Liu Yang-wei to Succeed Terry Gou as Foxconn Chairman, Effective July 1
At the Foxconn shareholders’ meeting on June 21, the election of directors was confirmed. Moreover, at the board meeting later, Liu Yang-wei (劉揚偉), President of the S sub-group of Foxconn, was elected ...
2019/06/24 69
Yu Ying-Lung Bolts the DPP Owing to Change of Party’s Core Values
Yu Ying-lung (游盈隆), once a hopeful in the DPP Chairman by-election and Chairman of the Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation (TPOF), a pro-Green survey organization, announced on June 23 on his Facebook ...
2019/06/24 150
Han Criticizes DPP of Suffering from “Power Intoxication” at Pep Rally in Taichung
Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜), running in the KMT 2020 presidential primary, stated in a massive pep rally, held in Taichung on June 22, that currently the DPP’s biggest problem was that it wa ...
2019/06/24 133

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