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M’land Commentator Cites 8 Major US-China Battle Fronts


M’land Commentator Cites 8 Major US-China Battle Fronts


Source: UDN

June 1, 2020

Tensions between the Mainland and the US have been escalating owing to the trade war, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the recent “National Security Bill for Hong Kong.” On May 20, the US government made public a report titled “United States Strategic Approach to the PRC”, indicating that in the future, the US would adopt a competitive strategy guided by a return to principled realism in response to the Mainland’s challenges.


An Liang (安梁), a Mainland international strategic writer, posted an article on an international review WeChat official account named “jianghuyan”, indicating that the US Strategic Approach completely detailed the changes in the US strategy towards the Mainland. He analyzed that the most intense battle fronts between the US and the Mainland lay mainly in eight arenas, i.e., trade war, tech war, finance war, cyberwarfare, diplomatic war, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the South China Sea.


He also points out that the South China Sea is the main battle front for the Mainland and the US to compete in military strength with each other, because this is the key link in the US Indo-Pacific Strategy. He goes on to state that both countries’ air forces and navies proclaim their stances in this area, so this would be a hotspot where conflicts might possibly occur accidentally.

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