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“ONE TAIWAN” as election campaign logo for Eric Chu


 “ONE TAIWAN” as election campaign logo for Eric Chu


KMT presidential candidate who doubles as the party chairman has adopted a campaign logo that calls for ONE TAIWAN.

 “ONE TAIWAN is my election campaign logo as there is only one Taiwan and what we need is a unified Taiwan,” Chu said.

 “In this election, I insist that there should be no more proposals that will once again tear Taiwan apart. There should be no more political divide between the north and south, no more pro-unification or pro-independence, no more widening wealth gap and class inequality as well as confrontation between generations. There should be only ONE TAIWAN.”

 The KMT has been known to have cacophony of many voices within the party, but from a different point of view, the KMT actually is a political party that is able to tolerate different stands, Chu said. “After all, there is only ONE TAIWAN.”

 In recent visits to Miaoli, Ilan and Taitung, Chu shared his “ONE TAIWAN” concept with the KMT legislative candidates and supporters, saying only when all people in Taiwan unite will Taiwan be able to further develop itself and compete with others internationally. He said this is an important mission for a president.

 On his relations with legislature speaker Wang Jin-pyng, Chu dismissed recent local news reports of a rift between him and Wang.

 He said he never has any bad feelings or disharmony with the speaker. “I have not allied with or antagonized any people,” he said, adding he believes Wang will continue to be the head of the legislature as the KMT has been working hard to amend the party’s regulations to make sure that Wang remain as speaker in the new legislature next year.


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