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Look at the DPP’s Decadence from that of Chen Chi-chung’s
In the fire of illegally-built factories on farmland in Taichung, two firefighters perished, eliciting criticism on the maladministration of the Su Tseng-chang Cabinet granting “amnesty” to factories ...
2019/10/15 354
Terminate the DPP’s Complete Control of Government and Complete Dictatorship
The DPP used to have ideals of trumping authoritarianism and pushing for democratic reforms; now it has departed far from the core ideals of ​​democracy - pluralism, inclusiveness, communication, resp ...
2019/10/14 343
Taiwan Can't Stand Losing ECFA
In responding to interpellations at the Legislative Yuan, Economics Minister Shen Jong-chin admitted the possibility of losing ECFA (the cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement) as a res ...
2019/10/09 347
The Pompously Arrogant Ringleader of the Losers’ League
When Premier Su Tseng-chang inspected the Typhoon Disaster Prevention Center, because he was unable to immediately talk on the phone with Hsu Chen-wei, Hualien County executive, of KMT affiliation, wh ...
2019/10/08 350
Will the Collapse of the Nanfang’ao Bridge Only Cause Pain for One Day?
After the collapse of the Nanfang’ao Cross Harbor Bridge, all circles strived for search and rescue; up to now, the disaster left five dead and one missing. A single incident of bridge collapse expose ...
2019/10/07 315
The DPP Does Not Allow Anyone to Tease It for Its Gluttonous Table Manners!
Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je indicated a couple of days ago, "leaving reunification and independence aside, the Blue and Green are practically no different, but the KMT is better in dinner table etique ...
2019/10/04 473
"Taiwan Party": The Founding Anniversary of the DPP that Lost its Following
Last weekend the DPP celebrated the 33rd anniversary of the party’s founding; besides convoking a National Party Congress, it held an activity on the street next to the Party Headquarters closing traf ...
2019/10/03 217
The 33-Year-Old DPP Has Only One Tactic Left—Bickering with the M’land
he DPP on September 28th celebrated its 33rd anniversary of the party’s founding, adopting a resolution of meager significance, titled "Marching with Society and Win-Win for This Generation", which di ...
2019/10/02 336
Cigarette Smuggling Case, Lost Cash Case, and Officials Who Protect and Defend Their Relatives or Friends
he Tsai government has recently had a series of scandals, but relying on the interlacing protection and defense of relatives or friends between DPP legislators, political appointees, or prosecutors an ...
2019/10/01 329
Looking at Our Loss of Two Diplomatic Partners from the Remark "Taiwan Is Useless"
The Tsai government lost seven diplomatic partners in over three years; these countries have certain common traits: First, they chose Beijing because of economic grounds. For instance, Solomon Islands ...
2019/09/27 345
Terry Gou Rolls Out Tour of Appreciation and Thanksgiving, While Wang Jin-pyng Is Still Courting James Soong
Taiwan’s super rich Terry Gou, harboring idealism of reform, hoped to contribute his own efforts and experiences to feed back the country and society after his own successful career. However, the chao ...
2019/09/26 297
Why Have DPP Legislators So Disappointed the Voters?
According to the latest opinion poll conducted by this newspaper, in the legislative elections next January, 40% of voters are considering casting ballots for parties outside of the Blue and Green, sh ...
2019/09/25 379
The General Public Will Have to Foot the Bill for the Tsai Gov’t’s Free Lunch
The Electricity Rate Review Committee under the Ministry of Economic Affairs a couple of days ago resolved to freeze electricity rates again; since the new formula for calculating electricity rates ca ...
2019/09/24 366
Litigation Alone Would Not Resolve 5 Doubts Regarding Tsai Ing-wen’s Dissertation
President Tsai Ing-wen’s doctoral dissertation has been under question in recent months, collaterally the issue of whether she indeed has earned a doctorate has received attention. Whether a president ...
2019/09/23 370
Breaking Ties with Six Countries, Tsai Ing-wen’s Cross-Strait Policy Is a Bottomless Pit
The Solomon Islands’ Cabinet resolved in a meeting recently to sever diplomatic relations with our country; this was our biggest diplomatic partner in the South Pacific and also the sixth country to b ...
2019/09/20 352
Terry Gou Can Still Render Assistance in Removing the DPP from Power
Terry Gou chose to announce his withdrawal from the race on the eve of the deadline for registering as an independent presidential candidate, demonstrating his pragmatic judgment over political realit ...
2019/09/19 312
The Tsai Gov’t Shows its True Colors and the Agent Exposing the Reality of Judicial Reform
Shi Mu-chin, chairman of the Commission on Disciplinary Sanctions of Public Functionaries, under the Judicial Yuan, had no sooner handed down a ruling in the impeachment case of Kuan Chung-ming, Presi ...
2019/09/18 295
Terry Gou's Choice as a Successful Entrepreneur
Whether Terry Gou was going to run for the presidency, he finally showed his cards in the late night of the 16th.     Gou reined in his horse on the edge of the cliff, announcing his withdrawal from t ...
2019/09/17 394
High Speed Rail Extension: Serving Politicians More Important than Serving Passengers
Premier Su Tseng-chang went to Pingtung yesterday, announcing that the High Speed Rail (HSR) would be extended southward to Pingtung, “resurrecting” overnight the plan that had been vetoed by both for ...
2019/09/16 266
Han Kuo-yu’s Stance on Terry Gou Should Be Hardened
Terry Gou, who had lost the KMT primary, Ko Wen-je, Chairman of the Taiwan People’s Party, and others actively engaged in secret meetings, readying themselves to announce their presidential bid during ...
2019/09/16 255
Tsai Pi-chung, the New Dongchang, Please Step Down!
Deputy Justice Minister Tsai Pi-chung publicly argued for the legality concerning DPP legislator Chen Ming-wen’s NT$3 million in cash case; it not only considered the functions of a deputy justice min ...
2019/09/12 525
The Tsai Gov’t’s Policies for Electioneering Are in Full Swing
For several days back to back, newspapers’ front page headlines have all been about "beneficial policies” released by the Tsai government. Among them, the Cabinet meeting has just passed the second wa ...
2019/09/11 598
Why Was Tsai Pi-chung So Anxious to Extricate Chen Ming-wen from the Cash Case?
An unlocked, hand-carried case was recently found on a High Speed Rail train belonging to DPP legislator Chen Ming-wen, containing NT$3 million in cash; it was said that the money for his son to open ...
2019/09/10 271
Who Maliciously Manipulates “Replacing Han Kuo-yu”? KMT Should Get to the Bottom of the Matter
Terry Gou is at the ready to enter the presidential race; at this juncture, suddenly a rumor was circulating that KMT Chairman Wu Den-yih in early August dispatched a "secret emissary" to the Mainland ...
2019/09/09 374
Talking about the Threshold for a “Refugee Act” from Canada’s Repatriating a Figure of the M’land’s Democracy Movement
Hong Kong’s protests and demonstrations over the repatriation amendment bill to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance have become more and more violent; the confrontations between the police and the public ...
2019/09/06 363
Tsai Ing-wen and Tsai Ing-wen’s Parrots
With the approaching presidential election, the publicity offensive on "anti-China, safeguarding sovereignty" guided by Tsai Ing-wen and the DPP has become increasingly sharpened. Reflected and suppor ...
2019/09/05 281
Does Terry Gou Want to Abandon the Victors League and Organize an Avengers League?
The tendency that Foxconn founder Terry Gou is preparing to run for president as an independent candidate has become more and more obvious; a KMT legislator is pushing for Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo ...
2019/09/04 432
Don't Be Overjoyed by Trump's Anti-China, Pro-Taiwan Moves
US President Trump’s statements often sound like a snake oil vendor, involving extreme bragging, utterly devoid of the stature and comportment of a chief of state of a big power, thus eliciting disput ...
2019/09/03 301
A High Stakes Gamble of Machinations and Calculations
As Han Kuo-yu’s support ratings are no longer leading and the omens of Terry Gou entering the race are becoming more and more obvious, Yen Ching-piao, chairman of Zhenlan Temple in Dajia Township, a K ...
2019/09/02 315
Stop the Perfect Storm in the Taiwan Strait Stage-Directed by Tsai Ing-wen
The US-China confrontation continues to escalate, cross-Strait relations have deteriorated, and the DPP has manipulated the issues of sovereignty and national identity; a "perfect storm" is seemingly ...
2019/08/30 261

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