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Taiwan Will Be Able to Transform If DPP Eases Its Bondage
Taiwan's overall economy showed signs of resuscitation in Q1, but it was accompanied by a caveat that warrants worries. According to the "World Competitiveness Ranking 2016" released by the Lausanne S ...
2017/04/27 10
The Commitment of Mayor Ke and the Whole Populace: Hold a Successful Universiade
Only less than 4 months is left till August 19, the opening of the Taipei Summer Universiade; are we ready? The Universiade is dubbed the “petite Olympics”; its scope is next to only the international ...
2017/04/26 15
Forward-Looking Construction Plan Is Too Coarse; It Should Be Withdrawn for Redrafting
The Legislative Yuan held public hearings on the bill entitled Special Statute for Forward-looking Infrastructure Construction. From the reports of the relevant ministries and statements from local go ...
2017/04/25 12
Reflections on History from the Setbacks in Global Democratization
In recent years a wave of counter-current in the development of global democratization has appeared; the rise of populist political parties has appeared one after another in European countries. Trump ...
2017/04/24 11
The New Situation of US-China Cooperation: How Could Taiwan Remain Oblivious?
As expected, North Korea, on the day following the "Sun Festival," test-fired a guided missile; unexpectedly, the missile exploded shortly after the launch. Regardless of whether the failure of the te ...
2017/04/21 19
Trump Has Made a U-Turn, It’s Time Tsai Ying-wen Made a Change
Trump has been in office as US President less than three months; his China policy has already shown a big U-turn. The outside world originally assessed that the hastily held informal Xi-Trump Summit b ...
2017/04/20 18
If We Replace Matsu Temples with Shinto Shrines, Are We Still Taiwanese?
Recently, some say the Matsu faith is a tool for KMT rule. Freedom of religion and freedom of speech are fundamental human rights, each having its own advocacies. As long as it is based on rationality ...
2017/04/19 21
When Even Judges “Jump on Bandwagon”
In the case in which the Sunflower Movement students occupied the Executive Yuan (Cabinet House), the Taipei District Court found the eleven defendants guilty, while the leaders of the movement, Wei Y ...
2017/04/18 15
To Ensure Energy Supply, the Top Priority Is to Raise Energy Efficiency
The DPP government has been fighting to push for a nuclear-free homeland and a transformational energy policy, leading to endless political rumblings. However, generally speaking, citizens do not care ...
2017/04/17 19
Has Nobody Caught the Eye of Tsai Ying-wen? –In Search of Sec-Gen to President
To date, the Office of the Secretary-General to the President has been left vacant for over 170 days. President Tsai has been in office just over 310 days, in other words, over half the time, she has ...
2017/04/14 20
Even Great Decisions Should Consider the Impact on People's Livelihood
The success or failure, and the hollowness or substance of government decisions have never been just a question of figures and we must scrutinize their harm or benefits to people's livelihood. Accordi ...
2017/04/13 18
Green Camp Can Not Eschew Ke Wen-je's Question in Reply
Taipei City Mayor Ke Wen-je said straightforwardly that Taiwan's greatest problem was "If I do not see eye to eye with you, I will get rid of you." He believed that "the de-Chiang Kai-shek movement" h ...
2017/04/12 15
It’s Time We Abandon Illusory Expectations of Coalescing with U.S. to Counter China
Xi Jinping and Trump ended their two-day summit amid heightened attention and watch of the outside world, turning a new page in China-US relations. Xi Jinping indicated to Trump, "We have a thousand r ...
2017/04/11 16
After a New Page in US-China Relations Is Turned, Cross-Strait Relations Should Also Be Normalized
The Trump-Xi Summit held at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida has ended. Despite the fact that neither side had too many expectations beforehand, the outside world has characterized this summit as a me ...
2017/04/10 11
Taiwan Will Decline and Crumble with Sustained Brain Drain
In the 20th century, the United States became a world superpower because of its liberal immigration policies, attracting talents from all countries to the US through multiple channels, such as graduat ...
2017/04/07 14
(Fourth in a Series of "Let’s Be Candid”) Let Us Not Fear the Mainland: Truly Welcoming Reunification
According to a long-term study conducted by the Institute of Sociology at the Academia Sinica, titled “Current Options for Reunification or Independence” in Taiwan society, as much as 46.4% of the pub ...
2017/04/06 17
(Third in a Series of "Let’s Be Candid”) Taiwan Is a Founding Stockholder, How Could It Forfeit its Rights?
"Taiwan independence" is ​​the DPP’s core advocacy, but it has been used for sloganeering, not for real promotion. In 1991, the DPP adopted the "Taiwan independence platform," proposing the advocacies ...
2017/04/05 14
(Second in a Series of "Let’s Be Candid”) Don’t Allow the Situation to Deteriorate to Reunification Without Dignity
The Mainland has determined to march on the road to "oppose Taiwan independence and promote reunification" and offered a series of policies that would facilitate Taiwan residents to invest, live and s ...
2017/03/31 22
(First in a Series of "Let’s Be Candid”) It’s Ridiculous to Say, “Fear What Others Don’t Fear, Don’t Fear What Others Fear!”
Defense Minister Feng Shih-kuan, in submitting the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) to the Legislative Yuan, readjusted the guiding directions to "fortify our defense with multi-layer deterrence." He ...
2017/03/30 19
One Year in Power, Just What Values Does the DPP Hold?
Observers have watched the Tsai government’s character of governance for nearly a year. In a nutshell: "fairness and justice prior to the election, political calculations afterwards." The government d ...
2017/03/29 24
Developing P2P On-line Loans, Financial Supervisory Commission Must Reform its Mindset
In recent years, the Mainland P2P platform for on-line loans has rapidly emerged; this is a credit extension mode different from traditional banking operations. It uses technology to solve the gap in ...
2017/03/28 19
The Place of Taiwan in International Business
The semiconductor industry can be called Taiwan’s top industry; Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC) is the leading corporation in this top industry, and TSMC Chairman Morris Chang is ...
2017/03/27 19
If One Doesn’t Want a Police State, How on Earth Could One Want a Homeland Security Bill?
Hakka Affairs chairman Lee Yung-de, a Cabinet member, was stopped by the police for a spot ID check; this incident sharply polarized a dispute in society. Some believe that the police violated the Con ...
2017/03/24 18
Will Taiwan Become a Bargaining Chip in Resolving the North Korean Question Between the US and China?
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently embarked on his first East Asian tour since he took office. This was another high-ranking US official’s visit to East Asia after US Defense Secretary James ...
2017/03/23 22
The Third Anniversary of the Sunflower Movement Only Harvested New Authoritarianism
Three years ago, the Sunflower Student Movement underscored the youth’s enthusiasm in protesting, igniting the dissatisfaction with reality on the part of the new generation, and pushing for, in turn, ...
2017/03/22 23
An Alarm Over Taiwan’s Corruption Came from US Justice Department
Among the rumbling clamor that has attracted public attention, a “rare” news story was buried in a vast sea of news stories. Former President Chen Shui-bian and his son Chih-chung bought two real esta ...
2017/03/21 24
Have the Courts of Law Truly Become Owned by the DPP?
Former President Ma Ying-jeou was indicted on charges of instigating the leak of secrets and violating the protection of communication, eliciting disputes in society. One of the main disputes is wheth ...
2017/03/20 23
“One Mandatory Holiday, One Flexible Day-Off” Must Soon Be Adjusted
Since “one mandatory holiday, one flexible day-off” went into effect late last December, the Labor Ministry’s so-called "publicity and education stage" will soon come to a close, to be followed by an ...
2017/03/17 20
What is Tsai Ying-wen Up To in Grabbing Control of the General Association of Chinese Cultural?
After an all-out effort, President Tsai Ying-wen finally grabbed the General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC), successfully getting elected as president of the association, and massively arrangin ...
2017/03/16 27
The Dead End of No Nuke, Reduction of Carbon Emissions, Environmental Protection, and No Electricity Shortages
Since assumption of power, the DPP government has been pushing for the DPP’s version of energy policy; from the very beginning many experts have signified their reservations and even presented severe ...
2017/03/15 19

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