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Why Did Taichung Mayor Lin Believe in Myth of "Marine Alchemy"?
Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung last week held a high-profile press conference, announcing the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on cooperation with a German company, which would invest NT$1 ...
2018/03/19 67
Controversy over Xi Jinping's Constitutional Reform Also Reflects Democracy’s No Longer Functioning Effectively and Its Embarrassment
The National People’s Congress on the Mainland on March 11 passed by vote a constitutional amendment, which is also Xi Jinping’s brazen amendment to the existing constitution promulgated by Deng Xiaop ...
2018/03/16 94
Don’t Let “Stupefying Taiwan” Become a Self-Realizing Tragedy
The World Bank's latest publication, "The Changing Wealth of Nations: Building a Sustainable Future," conducted a comparative study across the years on the natural capital, financial capital, producti ...
2018/03/15 80
Each Conceding One Step, US & North Korea Seize the Opportunity for Peace
A significant point appeared amid the tense situation on the Korean peninsula; North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent a message through the South Korean special envoy to convey his willingness to meet w ...
2018/03/14 85
It’s Still Necessary to Leave Room for the DPP to Make Adjustments
Mainland Premier Li Keqiang, in his government work report to the two Congresses, once again reiterated that the Mainland would push for the development of cross-Strait relations on the basis of the " ...
2018/03/13 81
Embracing on the Other Side and Hatred on This: Taiwan Has Long Lost in the Cross-Strait Battle for the Youth
A group of pro-Taiwan independence youth hurled red paint on Chiang Kai-shek’s mausoleum on February 28, not only video-taping the process to boast of their deeds, even publicizing it with fanfare in ...
2018/03/12 85
This Gov’t Has Been Veering Too Far from Grassroots Hardships
Following the Chinese New Year’s holidays, the green grocery auction market run by the Taipei Farm Produce Corporation closed down for long holidays more than once, producing a chaotic situation in wh ...
2018/03/09 85
Only When Voters Have No Colors Will Taiwan Move Out to a New Path
The Mainland announced 31 preferential measures for Taiwan, covering almost all areas, including industries, medicare, financial services, publishing, academic affairs, and film and television, lettin ...
2018/03/08 87
Politicizing the Military, Civil Servants, and Public School Teachers Would Only Create More Turmoil for Taiwan
On the eve of that the parliament would review the pension reform program for the military, anti-reform groups launched a “raid” on the Legislative Yuan, ending with an unfortunate incident in which r ...
2018/03/07 81
How Could We Counter the Mainland’s Preferential Measures to Taiwan by Hatred-Mongering?
On February 28, a group of pro-Taiwan independence youth hurled paint on Chiang Kai-shek’s mausoleum at Cihu, while President Tsai Ing-wen presided at a memorial meeting for the central government, pr ...
2018/03/06 85
Tsai Ing-wen Must Be Well-Prepared in the Face of Xi Jinping’s High-Handed Plan to Extend His Terms
The CCP will amend the Constitution, deleting the term limit for state president, eliciting global attention. For the general interpretation in the outside world, this is a measure to remove systemic ...
2018/03/05 76
Taiwan Must Pragmatically Face Xi Jinping’s Will
The Mainland made public the draft amendment to its Constitution, deciding to delete the term limit for state president, and to write Xi Jinping thought into the Constitution. It may be inferred that ...
2018/03/02 91
Pay Attention to Potential Risks in Warming Up of the Economy
Encouraging signs are everywhere for the global economy this year, and the domestic economy is also climbing from the bottom of the valley. Taiwan’s economy, which relies on exports as its economic li ...
2018/03/01 88
Easing Cross-Strait Deadlock: People May Expect But Cannot Be Optimistic
We may use "seeking stability domestically and seeking changes in cross-Strait affairs" to define the government reshuffle this time. The changes under the purview of the Premier were not big, only ma ...
2018/02/27 93
The Paradox of United States’ One-China Policy
The most difficult part in studying and analyzing diplomatic situations lies in the inconsistency, even confusion, in the information pertaining to the policy; it may possibly cause misjudgments, thus ...
2018/02/26 90
The Fiercer the Measures to Block Kuan Chung-ming, the More the Shingle of Democracy and Progress Will Lose its Shine
The Autonomous Action Alliance Preparatory Group, initiated by National Taiwan University (NTU) professors, went to Ketagalan Boulevard on February 21st to offer “Chinese New Year’s greetings” to Pres ...
2018/02/23 87
Big Power Wrangling at Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics had a lavish opening ceremony; South and North Korea top echelons, along with US and Japanese leaders, gathered together, seemingly like a contracted version of the "si ...
2018/02/22 96
Tsai Ing-wen Twinkles Between Her Roles of President and Party Chairwoman
After an earthquake struck Hualien, Tsai Ing-wen went twice to the disaster areas to show her concerns and sympathies for the victims, and also tweeted with simplified Chinese characters to express he ...
2018/02/21 95
We Ask President Tsai: What’s Wrong with “We Are One Family Across the Strait”?
Zhang Zhijun, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office under the State Council of the, Mainland, contacted Fu Kun-chi, the county executive of Hualien, indicating that the Mainland was willing to dispatc ...
2018/02/14 91
How Could So Many Tall Buildings Have Been Built on Fault Lines?
At midnight on February 6, a strong earthquake of magnitude seven on the Richter scale occurred in Hualien, causing the collapse of several tall buildings.
2018/02/13 81
Truth Behind Restarting Second Reactor of NPP No. 2
The Cabinet instructed the Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) to apply for restarting the second reactor at Nuclear Plant No. 2, eliciting waves of repercussions. Environmental groups are planning to bri ...
2018/02/12 88
Vatican’s Siren This Time Is Not “Crying Wolf”
Western media cited the version of high-level Vatican officials, saying that the Mainland and the Vatican had reached a consensus on the issue of the Mainland's bishop appointments, which had been in ...
2018/02/09 100
Cabinet Reshuffle: Are There Any Expectations for Pleasant Surprises?
Calls for a Cabinet reshuffle are up again. For the Tsai government, whose poll ratings have been plummeting, the Cabinet reshuffle, in fact, is no longer an option now, but a must, otherwise, even Pr ...
2018/02/08 92
“Making Taiwan Stupid Policy,” Who Started It?
Many people are worried about the Mainland’s "make Taiwan stupid policy," which will turn Taiwan stupid; what is "make Taiwan stupid policy"? Just with the brain drain to the Mainland, will it make Ta ...
2018/02/07 94
Pan-Green’s Highhandedness, Ko Wen-je’s Predicament
In order to dissolve the pan-Green internecine struggle for the Taipei City mayoral election, President Tsai asked Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je to reconfirm "Taiwan values"; Ko quickly said "I would ve ...
2018/02/06 99
Is the Import of Food from Radiation-Contaminated Areas Also a Taiwan Value?
After the word has been released by the government several times, Minister Chen Shih-chung of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW) officially stated at a New Year’s press conference that the MHW w ...
2018/02/05 95
Those Who Shouted Bravo When ROC Flags Were Being Removed
The US State Department, the US Trade Representative Office, and the Bureau of Consular Affairs under the State Department recently removed ROC flags one after another from their official websites; th ...
2018/02/02 91
A Willing Pawn for Politics, Can the Education Ministry Feel at Ease with Education?
In the episode in which the Green camp attempted to block the appointment of Kuan Chung-ming as National Taiwan University (NTU) president, following the DPP legislative caucus’ decision to withdraw t ...
2018/02/01 87
Warning Signal: PRC-Vatican Détente May Foretell a Diplomatic Avalanche
From many indicators, the Holy See and Mainland China have been getting increasingly closer. Although no consensus has yet been reached on some crucial issues, the Vatican's desire to return to Mainla ...
2018/01/31 95
Absolute Power Indeed Abuses Power Absolutely
The election of a new president for National Taiwan University (NTU) has elicited a series of incidents. In the end, Kuan Chung-ming was elected unexpectedly, but on the eve of his investiture, howeve ...
2018/01/30 92

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