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Refusing to Acknowledge Both Sides of the Strait Are One Family, But Traversing Across the Ocean to Seek Kinfolk
Ke Wen-je echoed Xi Jinping's "both sides of the Strait are one family" and successfully sponsored the World Universiade in Taipei, but regrettably met the Green camp’s ambush by labeling him pro-Red. ...
2017/10/18 5
A Guest List that Could Not Be Made Public & Budget that Could Not Be Spent
In order to promote the Tsai government’s "New Southward Policy” the Prospect Foundation held a two-day "Mt. Jade Yushan) Forum" on October 11-12, inviting over 40 guests from 15 countries for partici ...
2017/10/17 61
Lai Ching-te Wears and Tears Himself the Foundation of His Administration
Lai Ching-te has been in office for a little over a month; he exhibited pragmatic popularity as Premier at the beginning. However, this has been reduced by his cavalier narrative on Taiwan independenc ...
2017/10/16 57
“One Fallen Leaf Presages Autumn,” the New Southward Policy after Lee Hsien Loong Visits the Mainland
In the latter part of September, Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong went to China for a three-day visit; this was his first state visit to the Mainland in four years, receiving a high level re ...
2017/10/13 61
Not Facing the M’land Would Lead to Reunification Without Dignity
President Tsai Ing-wen delivered a message on Double Ten National Day. This “submission of answer sheet without really submitting it” would allow the Mainland to change its stance from “expected uncer ...
2017/10/12 56
In the End, President Tsai Couldn’t Even Answer Her Own Test Paper Herself
The 106th Double Tenth National Day of the Republic of China was a day filled with mixed feelings for the people. On this day, the Premier, who advocated the Taiwan independence discourse, was seated ...
2017/10/11 53
We Only See the Tearing of Social Fabric during Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Celebrations
On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Lai Ching-te spared no efforts to water-down his "Taiwan independence discourse" at the Legislative Yuan, saying that the Tsai government would not declare Taiwa ...
2017/10/06 71
Lai Ching-te Tore Up Tsai Ing-wen's "Unfinished Answer Sheet"
No sooner had Tsai Ying-wen just stressed at the DPP’s national party congress that the two sides of the Strait must adopt a new model for interactions and a new narrative than Lai Ching-te openly dec ...
2017/10/05 57
Minister Pan, You Have Turned Education into a Political Battlefield
The Textbook Guidelines Review Conference of the Education Ministry made an about-face, overturning the earlier resolution adopted for senior high school Chinese literature textbook guidelines, i.e., ...
2017/10/03 56
Is a 2% Growth Rate Truly Something to Be Proud of?
In an address at the opening of the DPP's national party congress, Tsai Ing-wen showed pride and satisfaction with the domestic economic situation, but is Taiwan's economy truly healthy? Is this kind ...
2017/10/02 57
Epitaph for the 1992 Consensus
Su Chi, a former secretary-general of the National Security Council, in a speech a couple of days ago, explained the historical context of the 1992 Consensus, “using the ambiguity of sovereignty to cr ...
2017/09/30 52
Reckless New Southward Policy: Don’t Just Think about Quick Harvests
Cambodian Chinese-language media outlet Sin Chew Daily carried a news story days ago, saying that Cambodian opposition "National Rescue Party" joined hands with Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party " ...
2017/09/29 54
Unbind the Laborers “Bound Feet”, Don’t Just Gloss Over the Matter
Premier Lai Ching-te raised the pay for the military, civil servants, and public school teachers by 3%; this is simple populism. As to whether the budget can be balanced, the matter will be left to th ...
2017/09/28 53
Tsai Ying-wen’s Big Bet on Constitutional Reform
At the same time as Tsai Ying-wen announced the launch of constitutional reform in order to "erect a system of powers commensurate with responsibilities,” “China’s New Singing Voice” of the Chinese Ma ...
2017/09/27 52
Lamentable that Tsai Ying-wen Would Use Constitutional Reform to Block Chen Shui-bian’s Pardon
The draft resolution to “pardon Chen Shui-bian,” which gained a high degree of momentum as it had won massive co-sponsorships by DPP party delegates to the national party congress, mounted pressure on ...
2017/09/26 60
To Cope with the North Korea Nuclear Crisis, President Tsai Must Play Her Cards Well
North Korea again launched a ballistic missile over Japanese airspace, impacting the security and stability of Northeast Asia. After hearing the National Security Council report, President Tsai indica ...
2017/09/25 50
"Coercing Tsai to Pardon Chen Shui-bian" Reveals the DPP's Decadence and Selfishness
Since President Tsai came to office over a year ago, the Green camp has endlessly launched “coercion drives” demanding that she pardon Chen Shui-bian. With mounting momentum, eventually 86% of party d ...
2017/09/22 59
Whither Will Lai Ching-te Shoot His Arrows?
The Cabinet under Lai Ching-te sent out a big gift of a 3% pay hike to the military, civil servants and public school teachers. The new Cabinet, which promised to be a “down-to-earth government,” hope ...
2017/09/21 60
Pretending Not to See the Second Domino of a Nuclear-Free Homeland
The nationwide power outage on August 15th (dubbed 8/15) debunked the myth of "no power shortage" in a nuclear-free homeland. If inadequate power supply is the first domino to fall in the nuclear-free ...
2017/09/20 65
If There Should Be the Next Lee Ming-jer, How Would the Tsai Government Rescue Him?
Through televised broadcasting, many people in Taiwan witnessed the trial proceedings of the former DPP party worker Lee Ming-jer at the court in Yueyang, Hunan Province. Facing charges of "subverting ...
2017/09/19 66
Respect Lee Ming-jer’s Choice
The Yueyang Intermediate People’s Court of Hunan Province, China, on September 11th tried in open court Lee Ming-jer (李明哲), a former DDP party worker, who pleaded guilty during trial to prosecution ch ...
2017/09/18 62
Nativism is the Best Camouflage for “Closed-Door” Education
The battle over the ratio between classical and vernacular writings in the new high school Chinese literature textbook guidelines, after heated debate, remained unchanged, as proposed by the planning ...
2017/09/15 68
Financial Supervisory Commission’s Koo Has Become a Risk to Financial Services Industry
Lai Ching-te’s new Cabinet will be sworn in on September 8; Wellington Koo, chairman of the Ill-Gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee, has been appointed chairman of the "Financial Supervisory Comm ...
2017/09/14 65
Erecting a New US-China Relationship Impacting Taiwan's Status Quo
Not long ago, US Secretary of State Tillerson revealed that the Trump government is attempting to discuss with China a new framework of relations, hoping in the next several decades, it will seek maxi ...
2017/09/13 63
Pay Attention to Beijing's Interpretation of the Tsai-Lai Team
Cross-Strait relations are the crux of security and development on Taiwan. The Tsai government has not shown any willingness to accept the "1992 Consensus," plummeting cross-Strait relations into the ...
2017/09/12 59
The Old Blue Male's Predicament Is Precisely that of the Tsai Gov’t
Lai Ching-te succeeded Lin Chuan as Premier; for the DPP, perhaps this is a step in achieving its great cause of "complete control of government," which has been the DPP’s ambition. Lin Chuan, the sel ...
2017/09/11 63
Investment Climate Deteriorating, President Tsai Remains Oblivious
Last December, President Tsai delivered her year-end address, proclaiming that her administration would focus on four areas the following year, "revitalizing Taiwan's economy with every effort. This i ...
2017/09/08 64
Lai Ching-te’s Take-Over as Premier Signifies Tsai Ying-wen Loses Her Route
Rumors about Lai Ching-te's take-over of the Cabinet have been circulating for several months; Tuesday, it finally became a confirmed fact. Tsai Ying-wen and Lin Chuan have been close friends; however ...
2017/09/07 62
“Facing Malfunction in System, Democracy, and Taiwan Itself” Series 3: Opening Up on All Fronts to Rescue Taiwan from the Brink of Collapse
It is not alarmist to be worried that Taiwan’s economy will likely become poorer and march toward the brink of collapse. This year, Taiwan's economic growth rate can expect to reach 2%; it is not too ...
2017/09/06 60
“Facing Malfunction in System, Democracy, and Taiwan Itself” Series 2: Stop Cultural Suicide, Leaving Roots for Taiwan
The Ministry of Education plans to cut the ratio of classical Chinese writings in senior high school textbook guidelines from 45-55% to 30%, stirring an uproar in various circles; many literature and ...
2017/09/05 65

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