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Hiking the Minimum Wage Will Not Drive Salary Growth
On Friday, August 18th, the Minimum Wage Review Committee will be convened. Media reports say the Labor Ministry is prepared to hike the minimum wage by 5%, claiming that it will solve the problem of ...
2017/08/18 38
The Red Light for Power Rationing Reflects President Tsai's Credibility Crisis
Domestic power supply has been dallying in between red lights in the past few days; appeals for "reactivating nuclear power plants" have therefore been circulating in the outside world. On August 12, ...
2017/08/17 43
The Greatest "Negligence and Omission" Is Erroneous Gov’t Policy
On August 15, the public did not hear news about North Korea launching missiles toward Guam, but unexpectedly experienced the most serious power outage in 18 years, plunging the whole island of Taiwan ...
2017/08/17 35
The Government’s Responsibility Is to Solve Problems, Not Create Problems
The red light came on this week during the crisis of power shortage. Facing a prolonged, excruciatingly hot summer, civil servants have been compelled to work in a sweat at the hottest time slot durin ...
2017/08/16 37
Tsai Ing-wen Would Better Change Her Mind Instead of Looking for a New Cross-Strait Model
President Tsai Ing-wen, when attending the “Ketagalan Forum: 2017 Asia-Pacific Security Dialogue,” reiterated her determination to “maintain the status quo” as she talked about cross-Strait relations. ...
2017/08/15 44
Taiwan's Democracy Ranks at End of Politicians’ Motorcade
Many people have noticed that Taiwan's democratic politics has moved, more and more so, toward "partisanship": the party that gained political power only pursues its own interests, but neglects the ba ...
2017/08/14 40
Don’t Take Lightly the Two November Crises
After November, Taiwan will face two crises: One is whether the CCP’s 19th National Party Congress will decide to take a hard-line in its policy toward Taiwan. Second is whether Trump visit the Mainla ...
2017/08/11 38
Pay Attention to and Rectify the Problem of Padded Foreign Exchange Reserves Figures
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) points out, in its latest global external imbalances report, that Taiwan's surplus in balance of payments ranks #5 in the world; the degree of excessive surplus e ...
2017/08/10 38
Joseph Wu Only Proves His Own Inner Diffidence
Taiwan has democratized for nearly 30 years; it goes without saying that freedom and democracy in Taiwan is a social consensus. However, recently several things have happened, reminding people that fr ...
2017/08/09 41
Is This the No Power Shortages that the President Pledged?
The recent typhoons blew down the power transmission tower of the Hoping Power Plant, immediately leading to a red light alert for the power supply island-wide. The Cabinet wants all government office ...
2017/08/08 37
President Tsai, Visa-Free Treatment Shouldn’t Be Used So Cavalierly
On the occasion of Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes’ visit to Taiwan, the Tsai Ying-wen government announced the granting of visa-free treatment to eleven diplomatic partners in Latin American and ...
2017/08/07 41
Rather "Businessmen Have No Fatherland" Than "Fatherland Has No Businessmen"
Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou recently announced his investment of US$10 billion in the United States; this grand-scale investment could not be located in Taiwan, letting down many countrymen’s feelings, ...
2017/08/04 45
Only by Linking the Mainland Will Innovative Industries Have a Way-out
There is a great wave of innovation and entrepreneurship globally; the zeal in Asia is particularly apparent. Well-known research institutes CB Insights and PWC point out that capital-raising by new b ...
2017/08/03 39
Would Lai Ching-te Do Better than Lin Chuan If He Formed a Cabinet?
Rumors about a Cabinet reshuffle have been around for quite some time; recent versions all speculate that Lai Ching-te will become Premier, replacing Lin Chuan. However, the Presidential Office, the C ...
2017/08/02 38
Two Typhoons Debunk Three Myths
Two typhoons, Nesat and Haitang, hit Taiwan one after another, leaving southern Taiwan disastrously inundated and many areas looking like a vast sea. In eastern Taiwan, a power transmission tower was ...
2017/08/01 35
“National Languages Bill” Would Doom the Next Generation
Holding Taiwan independence as its totem, the DPP itself knows that, in the current circumstances, its strength is not adequate to realize "hard Taiwan independence," i.e., de jure independence. Since ...
2017/07/31 39
Taiwan Becomes More Centrifugal with Every Gambit of the Gov’t
The Environmental Protection Agency promoted the "reduction of burning incense sticks" policy for shrines and temples, but it failed in communication efforts, eliciting a backlash from the public agai ...
2017/07/28 43
"Across the Strait, We Are One" May Solve the Predicament of Tsai Ing-wen’s Governance
Tsai Ying-wen has been in office for over a year; whether in domestic politics, cross-Strait affairs, or diplomacy, only one word "chaotic" may describe them. To this, the "Liberty Times," the long-te ...
2017/07/27 39
Not Raising Salaries But Permitting Moonlighting: the Government Will Lose Competence
Since the Legislative Yuan (LY) passed pension reforms, negative emotions have been expanding among civil servants and public school teachers, both active and retired, when facing the dual impact of d ...
2017/07/26 45
Restricting Personal Liberties Is the Resuscitation of Martial-Law Rule
The Cabinet recently proposed two new provisions restricting personal liberties. One is the adoption a draft amendment bill to the “Statute Governing Relations Between People Across the Taiwan Strait, ...
2017/07/25 39
It’s About Time that the “Bad Hand of an All Volunteer Force” Be Coped With
In accordance with planning of the government for military service transformation, starting next New Year's Day, the obligatory one-year military service will be terminated; by the end of next year, t ...
2017/07/24 40
Economic Collapse Accelerates with Industry Outsourcing and Brain Drain
Taiwan is geographically small and densely populated, with meager natural resources. It grows abundant rice, but not enough to allow 23 million people to maintain the rather affluent living standards ...
2017/07/21 43
Where Is the Core Thought for the Forward-Looking Construction Plan?
The Cabinet proposed a special budget of NT$108.9 billion for phase one of the forward-looking construction plan. Although the DPP caucus rammed the budget bill though the last Legislative Yuan (LY) e ...
2017/07/20 41
Pondering on the Death of Liu Xiaobo on the 30th Anniversary of the Lifting of Martial-Law Rule
On July 15, two political events were circling in the skies over Taipei, becoming the topic of media, the Internet, and activities of many social groups, even on occasions of many social gatherings. O ...
2017/07/19 37
Why Did Every Arrow Tsai Shot Boomerang?
Why did every arrow the Tsai government shot for reforms always boomerang and hit itself? There are a few reasons: One, pretty slogans are too numerous and too little sophisticated thinking. Two, it h ...
2017/07/18 46
Raise Gov’t Salaries to Ease Pressures of Pension/Annuities Reforms
The brain drain in university faculty in recent years has become a serious problem; many well-known professors moved to Hong Kong, Singapore or Mainland universities to teach. Since the passage of pen ...
2017/07/17 40
The New Cabinet Shouldn’t Deal with the Legislature by Going Through the Motions
The Legislative Yuan passed the "Special Statute Governing the Forward-looking Infrastructure Construction Plan"; however, criticism arose over faking the cutting in half of its budget and over the KM ...
2017/07/14 36
Can Blocking Retired Generals from Visiting the Mainland Safeguard National Dignity?
As frequent visits of retired generals to the Mainland for political activities have elicited controversies, the Cabinet approved draft amendment bills to the "Statute Governing Relations of People Ac ...
2017/07/13 36
Taipei Universiade Will Let the World Witness Taiwan's Love
The Taipei Universiade torch was lit on June 20th in Turin, Italy, the birthplace of the Universiades, and was relayed to Taiwan through Europe and the Asian Continent. On July 7, it climbed to Mt. Ja ...
2017/07/12 39
The Trap of the Plagiarized, Jerry-Rigged, Pared-Back Forward-Looking Plan
The DPP is attempting to reach a beachhead with full force for its "forward-looking infrastructure plan." A New Power Party legislator exposed that the economic benefits assessment for the plan was "p ...
2017/07/11 40

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