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A Gov’t that Does Not Admit Mistakes Is a Disaster for the Country
Following the rise of the DPP, it brought into Taiwan’s politics the word “sophistry”, which has since become deep-rooted, hard to break. After Chen Shui-bian stepped down for corruption and the DPP l ...
2019/12/12 213
The Secret Behind the DPP’s Insistence on Using Lungs to Generate Power
The election campaign has entered a stage of hand-to-hand combat; the Taichung Power Plant burns coal for power generation, creating a pollution problem, eliciting vehement disputes. Air pollution not ...
2019/12/11 687
Yang's Cyber Warriors Pulled Out a Long Stream of Party-Gov’t Networks
The Taipei District Prosecutors Office indicted Slow Yang and the cyber warriors under her banner, hoping to bring justice to the Su Chii-cherng case; unexpectedly, the Green camp is busy distancing i ...
2019/12/10 349
Without Health, We Don’t Need Taichung Coal-fired Power Plant: Tsai Ing-wen's Energy Policy Is Debunked
After Lu Shiow-yen became Taichung City Mayor, she hasn’t forgotten that Taichung residents sacked Lin Chia-lung and elected her as mayor principally because the pollution produced by the Taichung coa ...
2019/12/09 345
Investigating Yang's Cyber Warriors Case Half Way, Is the Green Camp Diffident?
The general public has for long heard about Green camp cyber warriors, whose roars and rampages on the Internet are exactly in direct proportion to their crude and brusque rhetoric. Through the suicid ...
2019/12/06 324
The “Sense of Losing One’s Country” Could Perhaps Save Tsai Ing-wen, But Can’t Save Taiwan's Economy
In last year's local elections, the KMT mainly played the "economics card" and in one stroke took the beaches of 15 counties and cities. In this year's general elections campaign, the DPP has been pla ...
2019/12/05 305
Wrong Energy Policies Force Taipower to Greatly Change Its Temperament
For decades, the Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) faithfully observed its good neighborly policy, but recently its temperament has suddenly greatly changed. The Taichung coal-fired power plant earlier ...
2019/12/04 349
Dragnet of the Five Nat’l Security Laws Has Already Spread, Is a Patch of Anti-Infiltration Still Needed?
Seizing the chaotic case of “fraudster turned communist spy” Wang Liqiang, the DPP is in a great hurry to railroad the enactment of an “Anti-Infiltration Bill”, planning to forcibly push for the secon ...
2019/12/03 322
Could the Farce of the Communist Spy Case Duplicate the Impact of the Bulletgate Case of 2004?
Wang Liqiang, a Mainland male who self-proclaimed to be a "communist spy", sought political asylum in Australia, claiming that he had carried out the abduction case of executives of a Causeway Bay boo ...
2019/12/02 389
Lin Jia-lung's Brute Arrogance Is Only a Corner of the Tsai Gov’t’s High-handedness
The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (MOTC) forcibly pushed for several "money pit style" transportation construction projects before the election time, and has repeatedly skipped the rev ...
2019/12/02 170
When Political Swindlers Encounter a Fraudster
Recently, a Mainland fraud suspect Wang Liqiang, utilizing the political needs of the Australian government and Taiwan’s DPP government, fabricated a case of ridiculous content, which surprisingly aro ...
2019/11/28 557
Can’t Give the DPP Four More Years
The electoral campaign has entered a crucial moment; the Tsai government is indeed forcefully playing the anti-China card. With the catalysis of the protests and demonstrations over the amendment bill ...
2019/11/27 327
NT$700 Billion vs Zero: the Truth of the Tsai Gov’t’s Word Games
The Tsai government has repeatedly declared that the home-coming investment funds from Taiwan businessmen on the Mainland have reached as high as NT$700 billion; however, Deputy Economics Minister Lin ...
2019/11/26 328
Is the Tsai-Lai Ticket a Strong-Strong Match or a Pairing for Possible Exchange of Barbs?
From the surface, the Tsai Ing-wen-Lai Ching-te ticket is a strong-strong alliance capable of galvanizing the greatest force within the party; however, the formation of the "Tsai-Lai ticket", neverthe ...
2019/11/25 329
Hitler Is Beckoning Taiwan
"Hitler is beckoning to Taiwan." This of course does not mean that "Adolf Hitler" himself or his specter has arrived in Taiwan, but it refers to the stage script of someone similar to Hitler utilizing ...
2019/11/22 529
Hong Kong Is Mired in a Black-Shirts Crisis, Yet Tsai Ing-wen Does Not Condemn Violence
The situation in Hong Kong has rapidly escalated. Street violence used the death of a college student as a pretext, again launching strikes, boycott of classes, and closing shops; the black-shirts sei ...
2019/11/21 316
The Winds Have Changed Directions in Hong Kong
The crisis in Hong Kong has been escalating; black-shirted demonstrators, in order to hijack the public "to be forced to boycott classes", "to be forced to strike", "to be forced to close shops", barr ...
2019/11/20 389
Grand Debate on the Affairs of State Should Not Be Skipped
The official registration for presidential candidates is around the corner. KMT candidate Han Kuo-yu has announced Simon Chang as his running mate, while DPP candidate Tsai Ing-wen is expected to anno ...
2019/11/19 329
Grassroots Enthusiasm Will Inevitably Wrestle Down the Machinery of the State
The 2020 presidential election campaign rages on; up to now, the DPP, backed up by leading support ratings in surveys, has ostensibly shown full confidence. In reality, it is superficial, while filled ...
2019/11/18 306
Nat’l Defense Black Hole, Electoral Wild Beast
President Tsai Ing-wen some days ago inspected and attended a workshop of armed forces reserve officers, and later took part in the ground-breaking ceremony of the Veterans General Hospital Pingtung B ...
2019/11/15 346
Simon Chang's Fury and Lee Hsien Loong's Caveat
KMT presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu announced former premier Simon Chang as his running mate. Simon Chang, who has always given people the impression of being a well-tempered man, stepped forward be ...
2019/11/14 387
Waltzing Between the M’land and the US, Tsai Ing-wen Must Learn from Morris Chang
According to a Financial Times report, the US government is pressing Taiwan to restrict the exportation of TSMC-made chips to Mainland China’s tech giant Huawei, hoping that the Taiwan government will ...
2019/11/13 316
Enacting a Red Agent Law Means to Initiate a Bible for Dictatorship
The DPP suddenly plays its hand, breaking the tacit agreement between the ruling and opposition parties not to take up the bill titled “Agents for the CCP Act" during this regular legislative session, ...
2019/11/12 392
Beijing Providing Strong Medicine, Hong Kong Should Make the Right Prescriptions
The protests and demonstrations as a result of Hong Kong’s proposed amendment bill to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance have continued for nearly half a year; although the scale of the demonstrations h ...
2019/11/11 494
How Much Debt Is Left to Our Posterity by Policies of a “Cabinet of Losers”?
The recent policies issued by the Tsai government to sprinkle subsidies for electioneering purposes have reached a point where the people could not catch up, totally disregarding the legitimacy, fairn ...
2019/11/08 417
US & China Compete in Loving Taiwan; Yet the DPP Still Shouts Slogans of “Fight & Kill”
The 4th Plenum of the 19th CPC Central Committee has just concluded, issuing a new direction in the CCP’s policy for Taiwan; subsequently, the Taiwan Affairs Office under the State Council, the Politb ...
2019/11/07 317
Humanitarian Crisis and the Disaster of Human Nature as Perceived by the "Devil"
The case of Hong Kong murder suspect Chan Tong-kai has undergone twists and turns; the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) recently indicated that our Criminal Police Bureau and the Hong Kong Police Depart ...
2019/11/06 357
How to Break Through the “Taiwan Program” for Those Who Tremble Upon Hearing Reunification
Regardless of who wins the presidential election next year, whatever cross-Strait policies the winning side will propose, the urgency of consulting with the Mainland for resolving the fundamental poli ...
2019/11/05 349
Han Kuo-yu Must Not Repeat Ma Ying-jeou’s Mistake
Former President Ma Ying-jeou recently spoke at the press conference for "Let’s Salvage Our History Education", admitting that in his eight-year tenure, he hadn’t done enough in readjusting textbook g ...
2019/11/04 322
With His Performances, Tsai Pi-chung Is More than Qualified to Be the New Superintendant of “Dongchang”
Whichever political culture produces whichever political appointees. In the Chan Tong-kai incident, after the President, the Premier and various Cabinet ministers flip-flopped after having failed in c ...
2019/11/01 343

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