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Election Industry Gets Upgraded, While Democratic Politics, However, Is Falling
The DPP presidential primary came to a close amid questions; Tsai Ing-wen easily demonstrated the conquest mode of the general mobilization by the machinery of the state. In the heated battle of the K ...
2019/06/27 1
Gov’t Incompetence Leaves the Public Hostage to Strikes
The management and labor at EVA Air declared that at 2 pm on June 20 their talks broke down; at 4 pm flight attendants started to strike, forcing EVA to cancel 79 flights on June 21st, only being able ...
2019/06/26 164
Premier Su’s Admonitions toward Han Kuo-yu Show His True Colors
President Tsai, in the DPP presidential primary with Lai Ching-te, lauded several times Premier Su Tseng-chang for his experience and forcefullness, freeing her from all worries in the rear. On the on ...
2019/06/25 177
Plebiscite Act Being Locked into an Iron Cage, What Distances Tsai Ing-wen from Carrie Lam?
Utilizing Hong Kong’s million-people demonstrations against "repatriation to China", Tsai Ing-wen emphasized that she would stand on the side of the Hong Kongers, pledging to defend Taiwan's democracy ...
2019/06/24 176
Tsai Ing-wen After Shaking Off Old Green Males
Taiwan’s elections have always been tumultuous. After President Tsai Ing-wen suffered a stunning defeat in last yearend’s nine-in-one local elections, she used up all resources, exhausted all strategi ...
2019/06/21 160
How the Tsai Gov’t Craftily Utilizes the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance
After many days of protests and confrontations, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carry Lam announced that she suspended the legislative action on the amendment bill to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, one o ...
2019/06/20 177
Applause May Please the Ear, But Only by Attracting Boos Can It Become Even Stronger
In the KMT’s primary, Han Kuo-yu and Terry Guo are neck and neck with their support ratings being mired in stagnation. To this situation, Blue camp supporters feel deep anxiety, believing that if Han ...
2019/06/19 162
To Ignore Hong Kongers’ Fury Is Tantamount to “Burying One Country, Two Systems"
The Hong Kong government has been pushing for the revision of the “Fugitive Offenders Ordinance”, dubbed "Extraditing to the Mainland Statute", touching on the sensitive nerves of Hong Kong people, el ...
2019/06/18 152
EVA Flight Attendant Strike Must Watch for Public Welfare
The Taoyuan City Flight Attendants Union not unexpectedly voted to approve EVA Air’s strike, thus securing the lawful right to strike. The union has pledged that prior to the resumption of negotiation ...
2019/06/17 156
No One Can "Self-Deny": Look at Tsai Ing-wen's Misunderstanding of Democracy
The DPP started on June 10th to conduct opinion polls for the presidential primary; it will be decided this week who will be its standard bearer in the race. It is noteworthy that the DPP recently hel ...
2019/06/14 163
Tsai Gov’t Should Learn from TSMC’s Wisdom
Up to now, the US-China trade war has not shown any possibility of coming to an end; even if the two countries eventually reach a certain agreement, their bilateral relations and the big picture of th ...
2019/06/13 168
Richard Bush Debunks Tsai Ing-wen’s Pro-US Ploy
The US-China conflicts have escalated from a trade war and tech war to a comprehensive economic war. On the strategic, diplomatic, and geopolitical levels, China has become a "strategic competitor" an ...
2019/06/12 159
Lee Chin-yung's Machinations and the DPP's "Plebiscite Phobia"
Lee Chin-yung, whose nomination as chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) was railroaded for confirmation amid spirited contentions, advocated on his first day in office that "plebiscite el ...
2019/06/11 156
Home-Coming Taiwan Businessmen from the M’land, Tsai Gov’t’s Ecstasy
The DPP government considers home-coming Taiwanese investments from the Mainland as an important accomplishment of governance, splashing publicity. President Tsai even set up an index, saying home-com ...
2019/06/10 265
If the Tsai Gov’t Declines to, Then Let Han Kuo-yu Do It
At the pep rally on Ketagalan Boulevard, Han Kuo-yu once again raised the subject of the "Kaohsiung Free Economic and Trade Zone"; it looks like this will become an important policy plank when Han Kuo ...
2019/06/06 144
Roar of 400,000 Grassroots People Against Monopoly of Power & Han Kuo-yu Detractors
With multitudes milling, flags waving, bugles sounding, June 1st churned up a tumultuous wave of all people to rise up and save Taiwan under the banner of "decisive battle in 2020 to win back Taiwan!” ...
2019/06/05 174
Chen Shui-bian Lines His Own Pockets with Public Funds, While Tsai Ing-wen Inundates the Gov’t with Partisan Factions
Following the battles between the ruling and opposition parties in Parliament, Lee Chin-yung, the immediate-past Yunlin County executive, of DPP affiliation, who was defeated in last yearend’s electio ...
2019/06/04 182
Decimate the Green Autocracy of the Five-Power Commander-in-Chief
The Presidential Office made public the names of four Grand Justices nominated by President Tsai Ing-wen, three of whom having bright political attitudes. The KMT legislative caucus has questioned the ...
2019/06/03 170
Taiwan’s Democracy Falls Following Cheating à la Tsai Ing-wen
The internecine fights in the DPP’s presidential primary have become fiercer and fiercer; the timetable has been postponed twice, and disputes in the mechanism of the public opinion polls, as well as ...
2019/05/31 224
"Non-Red Supply Chain" Will Crush Industries to Death
In coping with the expanded US-China trade war, there is a trend for Taiwan businessmen on the Mainland to return home; Kung Ming-hsin, Minister of State without Portfolio, proposed the idea of ​​"set ...
2019/05/30 163
Huawei Warning: In the US-China Cold War, the Industrial Chain Has to Choose Sides?
Trump has dealt another heavy hand, blacklisting Huawei as a target of export controls; transnational enterprises in the US and Japan have successively announced the suspension of shipments and provis ...
2019/05/29 173
Lai Ching-te’s Chances of Getting a Fair Primary Are Only Slightly Higher than Zero
The fight between President Tsai and Lai Ching-te in the DPP’s primary, after twice being postponed, is again facing a showdown because both sides’ views are seriously divergent with regard to the rat ...
2019/05/28 156
Monsoon Rains Causing Flash Flooding Everywhere, an Advance Warning for Typhoon Season Havoc
Last week, we had uninterrupted torrential rains causing flashing flooding in northern Taiwan and the mountainous regions in central Taiwan, with horrifying inundations. This wave of monsoon front sta ...
2019/05/27 239
Summing Up Accomplishments in the Three Years? Tsai Ing-wen Couldn’t Even Convince Lai Ching-te
May 20th marked the third anniversary of President Tsai’s inauguration. She called a press conference on the theme of "Summing Up Accomplishments in the Three Years, the Keywords for Taiwan's Progress ...
2019/05/24 145
True, the US Will Not Enter a War for Taiwan
Wang Yang, chairman of the Mainland’s Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee, recently talked to guests from Taiwan on two successive occasions, pointing out directly th ...
2019/05/23 161
Here Comes Tsai Ing-wen’s "New Dongchang": Control Yuan Members Lynching Criminal Justice System
Despite the fact that many feel that there is not much justification for the Control Yuan (CY) to continue its existence, President Tsai, however, has subverted this thinking. Although Tsai Ing-wen on ...
2019/05/22 150
2020 Is a Battle Between Pro and Con Tsai Ing-wen
On May 20th, President Tsai has completed the third anniversary of assuming office. She probably had not anticipated that after garnering 56% of the votes in all Taiwan, shouldering the expectations o ...
2019/05/21 203
In 2020 Han Kuo-yu Ought to Follow the Han Vogue
Despite the fact that the DPP uses the might of the whole party to attack Han Kuo-yu with peripheral flanks mudslinging Han with full force, plus the surge of Terry Guo, with Guo fans quickly galvaniz ...
2019/05/20 195
Co-Planning the Big Picture about the Turn-Over of Parties in 2020
With regard to who will emerge as the KMT’s standard-bearer in the 2020 presidential election, KMT Chairman Wu Den-yih has completed individual consultations and communication with all the hopefuls, i ...
2019/05/17 159
Lai Ching-te’s Japan Tour: Could “Warmth Seeking Trip” Add Points?
Lai Ching-te, as a self-styled "pragmatic Taiwan independence worker", visited Japan at the invitation of the Taiwan Association in Japan, seeking the support of countrymen who are pro-Taiwan independ ...
2019/05/16 142

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