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Glad to See Lai Ching-te Groping along the Way in Crossing the Cross-Strait River
Tainan City Mayor Lai Ching-te threw out statements one after another, such as "pro-China, loving Taiwan", "repealing the party platform is no problem, accepting the 1992 Consensus is no problem eithe ...
2017/06/27 15
Tsai Ying-wen Is Sandwiched by Lai Ching-te and Ke Wen-je
Just as President Tsai was irate over the breaking of diplomatic ties between Taiwan and Panama and insisted on taking a hardline, in the blink of an eye, she found herself sandwiched between Lai Chin ...
2017/06/26 20
Opening Green-Red Exchanges, Ko Wen-je Does What He Has to Do
Panama broke off diplomatic ties with Taiwan, plunging cross-Strait relations into limbo. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je is slated to attend the "Taipei-Shanghai Twin Cities Forum" in Shanghai on July 2. ...
2017/06/23 21
The Tsai Gov’t Should Know US Diplomatic Strategy Has Changed
After Panama broke off diplomatic ties with Taiwan, President Tsai accused Beijing of manipulating "one China" to suppress Taiwan's international breathing space, and threatened that the government wo ...
2017/06/22 22
The Tsai Gov’t’s Diplomatic Predicament As Viewed from the Weathervane of Japan
Panama announced its severance of diplomatic ties with our country, raising concerns of a domino effect in foreign relations. For this, President Tsai went to the firing line, accusing Beijing of unil ...
2017/06/21 24
Is Taiwan’s Economy Sound or Not Sound?
Whether Taiwan's economy is in reality sound or not sound seems to be an issue of no convergence. The government endlessly makes public statistical data showing exports continuingly climbing, GDP grow ...
2017/06/20 24
The DPP’s True Colors of Governance by Sloganeering Revealed through Restarting of Nuclear Power Reactors
Because of annual maintenance and malfunctions, plus political factors, among the six reactors in Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) No. 1, 2, and 3, only one reactor was operating normally; at the time, the D ...
2017/06/19 22
Can President Tsai Gavel Down on Forward-Looking Plan Amid a Cacophony of Dissent?
President Tsai Ying-wen recently seemed to be filled with anxiety; besides ordering that the forward-looking plan’s budget should be passed in its entirety, she also repeatedly demanded that Executive ...
2017/06/16 25
President Tsai’s Flexible Diplomacy Game Ends in Checkmate
Six months after Sao Tome and Principe broke diplomatic ties with us at the end of last year, Panama President Varela declared that Panama and the Chinese Mainland had established diplomatic relations ...
2017/06/15 27
To Love Taiwan with Veritable Truth, Rationality and Seek a New Cross-Strait Consensus Series Part 5 (Final): Transcending Blue and Green, Don’t Be Hijacked by Politicians
For the two sides across the Strait and for the ruling and opposition parties of Taiwan, it is not true that there is no foundation for consensuses; of course, there exist divergences. The important p ...
2017/06/14 28
To Love Taiwan with Veritable Truth, Rationality and Seek a New Cross-Strait Consensus Series Part 4: Fear, Fear, Fear! Tear Down Psychological Wall of Fearing Reunification
The Mainland’s system is different from Taiwan’s. People in Taiwan believe in democracy, freedom and pluralistic values; they like to vote for their leaders and do not accept one-party politics and th ...
2017/06/13 24
To Love Taiwan with Veritable Truth, Rationality and Seek a New Cross-Strait Consensus Series Part 3: Use a Consensus of National Title to Transcend “One China, Different Interpretations”
Cross-Strait political disputes have experienced 68 years of dramatic changes, but two questions remain fundamental. One is what China is; the second is the relationship between Taiwan and China.
2017/06/12 27
To Love Taiwan with Veritable Truth, Rationality and Seek a New Cross-Strait Consensus Series Part 2: Taiwanese Are Chinese
Are Taiwanese Chinese? According to a survey conducted by East Asia Democracy Studies Center in 2014, 68.9% of the people only identify themselves as Taiwanese, those who identified themselves as both ...
2017/06/09 34
To Love Taiwan with Veritable Truth, Rationality and Seek a New Cross-Strait Consensus Series Part 1: Erecting Four Consensuses for Loving Taiwan
Loving Taiwan is the consensus of all 23 million people in Taiwan, but a consensus has never been galvanized on how to love Taiwan, even becoming an ignition point and ammunition for rivals in struggl ...
2017/06/08 22
Will the Forward-Looking Plan Allow Taiwan to Avoid Water Shortages or Flooding?
On June 2nd, monsoon rainstorms wreaked havoc everywhere in northern Taiwan; then the front moved southward. Central and south Taiwan should be vigilant for disasters from the torrential rains. Presid ...
2017/06/07 28
It’s Time that We Honored the Cheque for Social Housing
The Cabinet recently adopted a draft bill titled the "Statute Governing the Establishment of National Housing and Urban Renewal." Although in the structure of government, there are two misgivings with ...
2017/06/06 26
The Tsai Government Should Seek Blessings for Itself Amid the Trump Turbulence
US President Trump made his first visit abroad since taking office; from the Middle East all the way to the European continent, he attended the NATO and G7 summits. The whirlwind visit of Trump not on ...
2017/06/05 38
The Three Things that Moon Jae-in Taught Tsai Ing-wen
Korea's new president, Moon Jae-in, has been in office for less than three weeks, but surprisingly, nearly 90% of the Korean public are optimistic about the prospects of his governance for the next fi ...
2017/06/03 32
Wither Cross-Strait Relations After WHA?
This year our country was barred from the World Health Assembly (WHA); Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung still led a "Taiwan action delegation to the WHA" to Geneva for protests and excha ...
2017/06/02 32
Madame President, Don’t Let Thoughts of Re-Election Hijack Yourself
Since the National Day message, Tsai Ing-wen has not given any public speeches, canceling even the address on her anniversary in office. President Tsai possibly fully understands that popular grievanc ...
2017/06/01 28
Lin Chuan, Do Not Be Timid, If “One Mandatory Holiday/One Flexible Day-off” Needs to Be Amended, Then Do It
Since “one mandatory holiday, one flexible day-off” went into effect at the beginning of the year, it has caused a serious impact on the economy and business operations; many enterprises or industries ...
2017/05/31 30
Economy, Thy Name Is "No Feeling"
In the various polls conducted for Tsai's anniversary in office, two outstanding trends merit discussion. One, in the various polls, the public are most dissatisfied with the government policies with ...
2017/05/26 37
Opening Up Financial Services and Trade, Mainland’s Bold Move for Compelled Reforms
China and the United States reached a new trade agreement. The Mainland has made a bold move in opening up the financial services sector, agreeing to proceed to deepen cooperation and open up in five ...
2017/05/25 37
She Closed a Door, But Could Not Open a Window
May 20 marks the anniversary of President Tsai Ying-wen's inauguration; all circles originally expected to listen to her speech, which would sum up what she did in the past year, offer some reflection ...
2017/05/24 35
Taiwan under Dramatic Changes of Both “One Belt, One Road” and TPP
For the “One Belt, One Road” International Summit Forum, 29 heads of state, leaders of over 70 international organizations and representatives of over 130 countries attended. The project “One Belt, On ...
2017/05/23 48
Sino-US Cooperation Has Become the New Normal
In the early harvest list of the "100-Day Project" released by China and the United States, US President Trump expressed great satisfaction, lavishing praise on the "basket of deals" reached by both s ...
2017/05/22 37
When the Powers That Be No Longer Listen, Reforms Become Deprivation
President Tsai will soon be in office for a year, but May 20th, on the other hand, brings forth a series of poll results showing setbacks, as well as protests on the streets that have never ended. Sin ...
2017/05/19 39
Terry Gou’s Saber Has Been Drawn, While Tsai Ing-wen’s Sword Is Already Broken
Prodding Terry Gou to run in the presidential election of 2020 has, surprisingly, become the main campaign plank of the candidates in the chairmanship election of the Kuomingtang, and it has stirred u ...
2017/05/18 30
Debunk Myth that Devaluation Could Save Economy
Since the beginning of the year, the New Taiwan dollar has shown a trend of appreciation; in less than half a year, it has appreciated over 7%, a full tripling of the increase for the whole year of 20 ...
2017/05/17 39
Both Presidential Palace and Cabinet’s Mentality Is Questionable in Twisting Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Ties
Nobody, including the DPP, may deny the importance of cross-Strait economic/trade ties. The DPP won last year’s election because the people believed that President Tsai had the capacity to maintain th ...
2017/05/16 34

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