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Middle East Peace on Trump’s Abacus: More Remote than Ever
It seemed that Trump had wanted to strike a balance; when rays of dawn for peace appeared amid the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear weaponry, President Trump tore apart the Iranian nuclear agreement, ...
2018/05/22 0
President Tsai, Please Listen with Your Ears; Hsu Kuo-yung, Mind Your Mouth
The university council meeting of National Taiwan University (NTU) once again refused to accept the Education Ministry’s disposition that exceeded the law, asking the Education Ministry to issue the p ...
2018/05/21 79
The Word "Reform" Is Inadequate to Rationalize All Maladministration
President Tsai Ing-wen will soon complete two years in office; this paper’s poll indicates that 56 percent of the public are not satisfied with her performance in governance, with only 20% satisfied. ...
2018/05/18 86
The Darkest “Education Fig Leaf” in History: How Many Dark Hands Has It Covered?
National Taiwan University (NTU) convoked an extraordinary session of the university council yesterday to discuss whether or not to reopen the president selection process; when the matter was put to a ...
2018/05/17 76
Pushing for Wind Power in a Rush Could Ignite a Financial Storm
The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) officially announced a list of firms for developing wind power, and subsequently in June will again make public another list, thus starting the massive wind pow ...
2018/05/16 78
If He Allowed His Lips to Be Zipped, Would Ko Wen-je Still Be Ko Wen-je?
Whether the DPP will continue to “yield” to Ko Wen-je in the Taipei City mayoral election, as grassroots’ dissenting voices heighten, the party central’s answer seems to be gradually shifting from “ye ...
2018/05/15 77
Wu Maw-kuen No Longer Qualified to Serve as Education Minister
The National Federation of Teachers Unions (NFTU), which launched the “Three Noes Movement” against Education Minister Wu Maw-kuen, yesterday protested at the venue of the “Textbook Guidelines Review ...
2018/05/14 82
The Consequences of Political Power Trampling on May Fourth’s Spirit
In the “New May 4th Movement” launched by National Taiwan University, nearly 5,000 faculty members, students, alumni and supporters took part, shouting “Give me back university autonomy!”; some facult ...
2018/05/11 74
With Disintegration of Populus, Tsai Ing-wen Is Going to Take Taiwan into Perilous Waters
The Dominican Republic cut diplomatic ties with our country; the Tsai government immediately made two stereotyped responses: one is condemning Mainland China for oppression, accusing it of unilaterall ...
2018/05/10 79
Tsai Gov’t’s Autocracy Comparable to Beiyang Regime
On the eve of the 99th anniversary of the May 4th Movement, the Education Ministry rejected the new president elected by National Taiwan University, making democracy retrogress a hundred years in an i ...
2018/05/09 79
DPP Is Being Morphed into the Kind of Regime it Used to Despise
When the Legislative Yuan was in the process of confirming the nomination of the new prosecutor general, DPP legislator Tuan Yi-kang asked the nominee for the post, Chiang Hui-ming, whether he would a ...
2018/05/08 74
Green Camp Is Destined to Split: Ko Wen-je’s Third Way Might Materialize
On April 22, a grand march was staged with great fanfare organized by elements who hated Ko Wen-je, demanding that the DPP field its own candidate for the yearend Taipei City mayoral race, and to say ...
2018/05/07 71
“Gold-Plating” Plan Conversely Pushes Taiwan’s Education Backwards
Amid the “blocking Kuan” storm, media reported that several top universities went abroad in search of talent, but with disastrous results. Among them, National Taiwan University’s (NTU) Department of ...
2018/05/04 70
High Drama of Korean Peninsula Peace Scripted, Directed, and Starred in by Kim Jong-un
On the 27th, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un held the 3rd North-South Korea Summit in Panmunjom. This Moon-Kim play was spectacular, with numerous scenes, and fi ...
2018/05/03 54
Wave of Delisting Firms from Market Is the Tip of the Iceberg
Tseng Ming-chung recently made an explosive exposé, pointing out that quite a few listed firms on the stock market were inquiring how to delist from the Taiwan stock market and to list on the Mainland ...
2018/05/02 33
Imagery and Reality of South-North Korea Talks
The summit of the two Koreas’ leaders, which the whole world is watching, is scheduled to be held at the “Peace House” in Panmunjom on the 27th. This is the third leaders’ talks following the ones in ...
2018/04/30 31
Shenao Air Pollution Even More Worrisome than Nuclear Risks
With respect to the controversy over the Shenzhen coal-fired power plant, Premier Lai Ching-te stated on the 19th that in order to stabilize the power supply and develop the economy, we were coordinat ...
2018/04/27 30
The DPP Shows its True Colors in Another Attempt to "Block the Blue Camp"
DPP legislator Yeh Yi-jin introduced a resolution asking the National Communications Council (NCC) to lay the groundwork for amending pertinent legislation so that in the future media stockholders ide ...
2018/04/26 34
Dr. Kuan, Give the Tsai Gov’t a Way Out
The "blocking Kuan" high drama is full of climaxes! Exit a Pan Wen-chung, now enters a Wu Maw-kuen. The script of the drama has suddenly changed directions; blocking Kuan has now become “blocking Wu”! ...
2018/04/25 32
Tsai Gov’t’s Blind Spots in Cross-Strait Relations Viewed from Four Scenarios
Recently, the US and China have endlessly crossed swords in their trade war and frequently wrestled with each other geopolitically and militarily. Mainland China’s rise has apparently changed the impa ...
2018/04/24 31
After All, Is It a Nat’l Security Council Meeting or a Nat’l Security Council Afternoon Tea?
President Tsai convoked a high-level national security meeting on Saturday, April 14th, focusing on recent regional and Middle East security situations. The meeting later released four directives of t ...
2018/04/23 32
How Is Tsai Ing-wen Not Going to Squander the Chen Chu Card?
Tsai Ing-wen yesterday formally announced that Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu would be appointed as Secretary-General to the President. For Tsai Ing-wen in the future, many frictions in the party and govern ...
2018/04/20 33
War or Peace in US-China Trade Conflict: What Is the Path for Taiwan
Mainland State President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote address at the annual meeting of the Boao Forum in Asia, with the essence of "freedom and opening up". He proclaimed that China would greatly ea ...
2018/04/19 32
People's Livelihoods Destined to Suffer If Trade De-Sinicized
The United States and China are the two countries with the greatest trade volume in the world. When these two countries engaged in a trade war, it would be difficult for other countries to avoid stray ...
2018/04/18 33
Why Isn’t DPP Employing the Ferocity in Blocking Kuan to Strive for Governance?
It has been one hundred days since the Ministry of Education started to "block Kuan" on January 5th. It is not known whether because he felt guilty for failing to accomplish the mission or was no long ...
2018/04/17 31
The Risks Involved in Acting Rashly of the New Southward Policy that You Didn’t Know
Two things have happened recently, both sending warning signals to the "New Southward Policy," which the Tsai government has pushed for with all efforts. One is that eight Taiwan suspects, accused of ...
2018/04/16 30
Now, Lai Ching-te Takes Over the Mission to "Block Kuan”
It has been over two months since the move started to block Kuan Chung-ming’s appointment as president of National Taiwan University (NTU); the Ministry of Education most recently presented a new vers ...
2018/04/13 31
Integrate Business Opportunities Based on the M’land’s 31 Preferential Measures for Taiwan to Open a Path for the Youth
The Mainland’s 31 preferential measures for Taiwan have elicited a high degree of attention from society. The DPP government soon after made public its countermeasures targeting the Mainland’s move, o ...
2018/04/12 31
It Is Reasonable to Completely Block Lawrence Ko
The Mainland’s “31 preferential measures for Taiwan” have been promulgated for a month, eliciting wide discussions in Taiwan’s society. Although the DPP government has adopted contemptuous countermeas ...
2018/04/11 31
Block the Edge-Ball Plebiscite Proposal of the Taiwan Independence Faction
The Central Election Commission meeting, in a review session, accepted a plebiscite proposal introduced by former Olympics athlete Chi Cheng titled, “Use the Designation Taiwan in Applications for All ...
2018/04/10 81

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