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Sending Back Referendum to the “Bird Cage”: the DPP Would Inevitably Suffer from the Move
Referendum (or plebiscite) elections realize direct democracy and may complement the inadequacies of representative politics. Despite the fact that countries that adopt the referendum system often mee ...
2019/02/19 70
Pseudo-Private Corporation: the Twisted Phenomenon of China Airlines
The China Airlines (CAL) pilot strike has entered the 6th day, with the accumulated number of affected flights reaching 174, inconvenienced passengers exceeding 23,000, and operating losses over NT$47 ...
2019/02/18 106
Tsai Ing-wen’s Concrete Allegiance Pledge: Should Taiwan Support the US in Using Taiwan to Counter China?
The dust of the US-China trade war has not yet settled, and now a story has been circulating that the Trump-Xi Summit of February Rivers has been put off. Trump earlier initiated the process of withdr ...
2019/02/15 103
It’s Obvious Who Do Not Cherish CAL’s Corporate Image from the Vicious Strife of its Pilot Strike
After six hours of labor-management negotiations, the China Airlines pilots’ strike incident still ended with a breakdown. Under the coordination of the Transportation and Labor Ministries, the manage ...
2019/02/14 108
China Airlines Pilots on Strike for the First Time, Revealing Shadows of Internecine Fights among Officials
China Airlines pilots launched the first airline pilot strike in the history of civil aviation, causing enormous troubles for many passengers, both outbound and inbound, at the peak of the Chinese New ...
2019/02/13 111
President Tsai, Don’t Let the Tail of the Taiwanese Independence Faction Wag the Dog
Lai Ching-te, the primogenitor of the Taiwan independence faction, originally had the opportunity to become Tsai Ing-wen’s successor, but after the electoral defeat last year, it was not only the setb ...
2019/02/12 109
Pay Attention to Xi Jinping's Sense of Crisis
As the US-China trade and tech wars increasingly intensify, the Mainland is also facing new challenges at the political, economic, and social levels. Mainland President Xi Jinping and his leadership t ...
2019/02/11 107
Cabinet Members, Who Are Internet Celebrities, Please Talk about the Sharp Decline in Export Orders
Recently, "Internet celebrity politics" is in vogue; Cabinet members vie for live broadcasting, playing Internet celebrities. However, in recent days, an important news story has been deliberately ove ...
2019/02/01 141
Lai Ching-te Advocating "Writing a Constitution" in a High Profile, Challenging Tsai Ing-wen’s Status Quo
Lai Ching-te has successively referred to the constitution issue. From the review session for the electoral defeat to his farewell speech as Premier, he talked about such issues as the powers and resp ...
2019/01/31 107
Cross-Strait Views of Ko Wen-je & Han Kuo-yu Are More Pragmatic than Tsai Ing-wen’s
Following the scout skirmish for the 2020 Presidential electoral campaign, "Xi Jinping’s five points" talk, stressing the peaceful reunification direction, ignited a new debate on cross-Strait policie ...
2019/01/30 104
Huawei Will Be Able to Break Through Western Powers’ Blockade
The United States has expanded its sanctions against the Mainland’s big tech firms with its latest move targeting Huawei; besides coalescing with the "five-eye intelligence alliance" states in banning ...
2019/01/29 107
Playing Cute, Throwing Money Around and Blocking Projects—Are These the Elixir of the Tsai Gov’t?
The top project of the Su Cabinet after its inauguration was asking Cabinet members to provide "accessible and convenient governance to the people" in order to facilitate communication, because the pu ...
2019/01/28 104
With Two Tigers Blocking the Road, How Could Taiwan Join the CPTPP?
The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), headed by Japan, officially went into force at the end of last year; it subsequently launched the first stage of tari ...
2019/01/25 102
Reconsider the Idea of Distributing Dividends Worth NT$50 Billion
President Tsai Ing-wen once planned to distribute dividends worth NT$50 billion; however, the KMT questioned that it was an electioneering gimmick for the 2020 presidential race. Media opinion also fa ...
2019/01/24 107
With One Misstep, the UK Becomes Exhausted with Nothing to Gain
The UK’s recent political situation is like a lackluster serial TV drama; Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal was recently voted down in Parliament with an enormous difference of 230 votes. Howev ...
2019/01/23 111
Luo Wen-jia Blows the Bugle for Presidential Electoral Campaign
Luo Wen-jia, of the "Wild Lily Generation," who was a speech writer for corrupt President Chen Shui-bian, has become secretary-general of the DPP at the invitation of its new chairman Cho Jung-tai. Ha ...
2019/01/22 111
When the Machinery of the State Is Denigrated to "Serving the Political Party"…
The Control Yuan, in a vote of 7 to 4, adopted an impeament motion against Kuan Chung-ming on charges of taking a second job. The grounds for the impeachment motion by the Control Yuan is that when se ...
2019/01/21 107
How Could Such a Foggy Cabinet Reorganization Achieve “Great Accomplishments”?
The Su Tseng-chang Cabinet assumed office yesterday. According to the established precedence of politics with courtesies in Taiwan, people seemingly should offer congratulations and expectations for t ...
2019/01/19 113
Only When Su Tseng-chang Forgets the Shadow of Tsai Ing-wen Could He Truly Push Ahead
Retaking the premiership at the age of 71 is an accident in the political career of Su Tseng-chang. As the DPP is in full control of the government, plus the fact that President Tsai Ing-wen has softe ...
2019/01/18 113
Newspaper Ban of Another Kind: Ko Wen-je Has Dwarfed Himself
Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je asked all City Hall units to comprehensively "review" the need for newspaper subscriptions, instructing at the same time that "if you can do without, then don’t subscribe”; alth ...
2019/01/17 115
Interpreting the Conversation Between Chen Wei-jao and President Tsai at her Official Residence
After Kuan Chung-ming assumed office of the president of National Taiwan University (NTU), Chen Wei-jao, the convener of the NTU president selection committee, made public in an NTU alumni publication ...
2019/01/16 114
Let’s Watch How Kaohsiung Is Going to Morph by Looking at the Splendid Transformation of Busan
Under the ardent expectations of external circles, Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu, upon assuming office, immediately started his moves, hoping to create opportunities for Kaohsiung people to make gre ...
2019/01/15 116
Premier Lai’s High-Stake Gambling, or the New Premier’s Lavish Courtesy Gift?
Premier Lai Ching-te will soon lead his Cabinet to resign en masse; it has been circulated that he may probably announce policies to dole out benefits. One is to expand domestic demand; the second is ...
2019/01/14 113
Borrowing Arrows from the CCP: Is Tsai Ing-wen Manipulating the Issue of Unification vs. Independence for Electioneering Purposes?
President Tsai Ing-wen used her strong response to Xi Jinping's talk delivered during the commemoration of the "Letter to Taiwan Compatriots" to again don her armor for battle, saying in a high-decibe ...
2019/01/11 113
Who Is Imposing Self-Restrictions: the 1992 Consensus Is Equal to One Country, Two Systems?
Recently, President Tsai utilized the opportunity of Xi Jinping's delivery of the "program of one country, two systems for Taiwan,” coupled with the forceful counterattack on the issue of the African ...
2019/01/10 112
Twisting Xi Jinping's Talk Won't Rescue Tsai Ing-wen
Four pro-Taiwan independence elders issued a joint letter demanding that Tsai Ing-wen hand out executive power and abandon her re-election bid in 2020. During Tsai Ing-wen’s most difficult moment, Mai ...
2019/01/09 121
With People in One’s Heart, It Won’t Be Sheer Sloganeering from the Mouth
President Tsai’s New Year’s Day message was disappointing. The strategy of her talk was "releasing on the one hand and contracting on the other." On the part of "releasing," she proclaimed that she wo ...
2019/01/08 114
In the Race of 2020, In Whose Hands Lies the Spearheading of Cross-Strait Issues
In last year’s elections, with the main theme of "striving for the economy," the people used their ballots to express their choices for the direction of cross-Strait relations, not only overturning th ...
2019/01/07 118
Don’t Underestimate the Collective Will Expressed by the “All People Turn-over” in 2018
Saying farewell to "turn-over," the word representing 2018, we have crossed into the threshold of 2019. The word "turn-over" is far-reaching in meaning; last year, Taiwan experienced many unprecedente ...
2019/01/04 126
Slips in Diplomacy the Inevitable Outcome of Layman Leadership
The dark clouds over the suicide of Su Chii-cherng, director of the TECO office in Osaka, are still waiting to be clarified, and a new siren has sounded in the "New Southward Policy." A travel agency ...
2019/01/03 123

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