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Mayor Ko’s Head May Get Through, But Chairman Ko’s Body May Not
Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je claims to be deep Green; however, he harbors no hostility toward the Mainland, being willing to engage in exchanges with the Mainland based on the concept of cultural ident ...
2019/08/23 192
Trump Wants to Win Trade War or Re-Election?
The US-China trade talks broke down in Shanghai at the end of July; Trump immediately declared retaliation, saying that the US would impose an additional 10% tariff on Chinese imports worth US$300 bil ...
2019/08/22 195
M’land "Is Willing to Lose a Few Stones"[in a Go Chess Game], Does Tsai Ing-wen Understand?
Cross-Strait relations have made a sudden turn for the worse; besides banning its movies and cinematographic professionals from attending the Golden Horse Film Festival in Taiwan, the Mainland, in a r ...
2019/08/21 206
Terry Gou-Ko Wen-je Alliance, a Hodgepodge Vehicle of Naked Power
Since Ko Wen-je established the Taiwan People's Party, he has been actively beckoning Terry Gou, who lost in the KMT primary; Wang Jin-pyng, who did not enter the KMT primary, however, has also wanted ...
2019/08/20 291
The DPP Repackaging the ROC, Yet the KMT Remains in Dead Silence
President Tsai has recently frequently declared that she wants to galvanize solidarity between the "Taiwan faction and the Republic of China faction." At the same time, the DPP has also declared that ...
2019/08/19 234
Sweep the CCP Agents Clause into the Trash Bin
Being obstinate with goodness is a virtue, while with evil, it’s stupidity. The "CCP agents clause", from its inception and jurisprudence to execution, would be wrong, full of loopholes, and ridiculou ...
2019/08/16 235
How Could Tsai Ing-wen Continue in Utilizing Hong Kong Incidents for Her Own Benefit?
The demonstration activities against the amendment bill to the "Fugitive Offenders Ordinance" in Hong Kong have gotten out of control; the police and residents clash endlessly, especially the siege on ...
2019/08/15 202
Only by Removing Tsai Ing-wen from Office Can We Rectify and Reinstate Guidelines for High School History Textbooks
With the new school year starting in August, regarding the new guidelines on high school history textbooks, from the Nan I Book Enterprise Co. edition to the Longteng Cultural Co. edition, appeared on ...
2019/08/14 180
2020 Is a Choice Between Independence and No Independence
The 2020 presidential election campaign has raised its curtain. In the past six months, President Tsai Ing-wen, on the domestic side, manipulates issues such as anti-China, counter-China, and safeguar ...
2019/08/13 179
A Premature Taiwan People’s Party
Ko Wen-je has established the Taiwan People's Party; this party was founded in haste. Announced just a few days ago, the staff worked day and night, writing the party charter and party platform, and s ...
2019/08/12 178
Cross-Strait Strategic Game Upgrades, Who Remembers the World Has Too Many Poor
Mainland China, "in view of current cross-Strait relations", temporarily suspended individual tourism from the Mainland to Taiwan; the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) under the State Council has confirmed ...
2019/08/08 187
Ko Wen-je Has No Skin in His Business Proposal, While Terry Gou Faces a Moral Quandary
Ko Wen-je has announced that he would organize a new political party, winning him high conversation volume on social media, becoming the talk of the town. Nevertheless, in the inaugural meeting tomorr ...
2019/08/07 183
Ko Wen-je Is No Chiang Wei-shui: A Political Party with Blanks to Fill
Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je on August 1st announced his intention to organize the "Taiwan People’s Party", borrowing the name of the political party founded by Chiang Wei-shui, the forerunner of Taiwa ...
2019/08/06 174
Small Parties’ Bewilderment: Cigarette Smuggling Case Surprisingly Elicits Internecine Fights Between "Small Greens"
Taiwan’s political parties never lack pompous talks of reforms, but the vicious struggles between the Blue and Green endure year after year, while the tendency of “politicizing” the machinery of the s ...
2019/08/05 175
Class Consciousness Is Something to Be Awakened
After I earned my PhD degree and taught college for eight years in the US, I returned to Taiwan to teach; at the time, my wife had not started working, thus, a family of four relied on the salary of a ...
2019/08/02 178
Only by Reforming the Security System for the Chief of State Can We Avoid Repetitions of Scandals
With the presidential tour abroad, broke out a scandal of duty-free cigarettes smuggling by special agents in the entourage who utilized the opportunity; Peng Sheng-chu, director of the National Secur ...
2019/08/01 271
The Modern Version of Ancient Adage: “Penalties Do Not Reach High Officials”
The scandal of duty-free cigarette-smuggling by national security special agents broke out a week ago; under critical public opinion, the Presidential Palace and China Airlines several times expanded ...
2019/07/31 175
Tsai Ing-wen Should Not Underestimate the Inklings of Corruption Revealed by the Cigarette Smuggling Case
National security personnel utilized the presidential chartered flight to smuggle duty-free cigarettes; after four days of investigation, the truth is still muddy. Although the prosecutors and investi ...
2019/07/30 204
Taipower Suffers Great Losses, but Don't Cry for It
According to a release by the Economics Ministry, among the four state-run enterprises, for the first half of the year, three corporations made profits, and only Taipower suffered a loss of NT$29.7 bi ...
2019/07/29 144
So the National Security Crisis Is in the Presidential Palace
President Tsai ended her "Journey of Democracy, Freedom and Sustainability", feeling elated; however, a big scandal broke out involving the smuggling of duty-free cigarettes by special agents in the e ...
2019/07/26 184
Pan-Blue Should Know How Powerful Tsai Ing-wen’s US Card Is
President Tsai Ing-wen has just concluded her 12-day "Journey of Democracy, Freedom and Sustainability "; it looked like one filled with "momentous breakthroughs", "bright spots" or "historic new page ...
2019/07/25 176
To Run for President, Ko Wen-je Can't Just Play the Role of a Criticizer
President Tsai Ing-wen and Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu have one after the other taken their battle stations for the 2020 presidential race; Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je has increased his activities ...
2019/07/24 184
Just Compare, Who Is a Greater Menace to Taiwan’s Democracy?
After Han Kuo-yu emerged as the winner in the KMT’s presidential primary, Luo Wen-jia, DPP Secretary-General, made a comment, saying that Han Kuo-yu is “over the peak”, with less menace to the DPP, ad ...
2019/07/23 174
"Progress" Always at the Time of General Election Campaigns: Which Side Will the Third Force Help?
The presidential primaries for the Blue and Green camps have produced their respective candidates; after that, all have to wait and see in what capacity Ko Wen-je, who has been practicing in the dug-o ...
2019/07/22 178
Words and Deeds of Su Tseng-chang’s Governance Are Filled with Contradictions and Bias
Premier Su Tseng-chang has recently continued to write on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, bragging about the performance of Taiwan's agricultural exports. First, he boasted that the value of fruit ...
2019/07/19 191
Han Kuo-yu Must Demonstrate a Stature of Exploring, Galvanizing and Elevating
According to the results of the KMT presidential primary polls, Han Kuo-yu led the hopefuls with an obvious gap, garnering the qualification to represent the Blue camp in challenging Tsai Ing-wen. Fro ...
2019/07/18 178
From the Japan-Korea Trade War, We Smell the Inklings of Changes in the East Asian Situation
The Japanese government this month suddenly declared its decision to delete South Korea from the "white list" of friendly countries' economies, and starting from July 4th , it has begun to stringently ...
2019/07/17 182
Bolting the Party to Run Independently After the Primary Would Be Tantamount to Political Suicide
The KMT presidential primary has been proceeding for four days; the hopefuls and their supporters have all been tensely wrestling with one another, reaching a climax. First, the Blue camp has been exh ...
2019/07/16 169
The Roaming Specter of Martial Law Rule: Agents for the CCP and Amendment Bills to National Security Laws
Since President Tsai Ing-wen proclaimed in her New Year’s message to erect a “Democracy Protection Net”, the DPP government over the past seven months has devoted all efforts to build what it called a ...
2019/07/15 177
Tsai Ing-wen Is Afraid of Han, Gou, Chu, Ko? She Fears Not Even Vox Populi!
In the 2020 presidential race, the KMT’s hopefuls, Eric Chu, Terry Gou and Han Kuo-yu all say "Tsai Ing-wen is afraid of me the most"; President Tsai Ing-wen, nevertheless, responded with a smile, say ...
2019/07/12 162

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