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The Economic Reality the Ruling Party Must Face after Electoral Victory
With the conclusion of the presidential race, President Tsai Ing-wen, of DPP-affiliation, won re-election. We are extremely worried about the future of Taiwan's economy; the grassroots masses will hav ...
2020/01/21 0
Healing the Wounds by Starting with Improving the Anti-Infiltration Act
The “Anti-Infiltration Act” has been promulgated; President Tsai, in a specially called press conference, reiterated that the “Anti-Infiltration Act” was not against cross-Strait exchanges, and that t ...
2020/01/20 415
It’s Best that Tsai Kept Distance from the DPP
Viewed from the surface, in these general elections, the DPP won a landslide victory, not only winning the presidential election, but also securing a majority of seats in the Legislative Yuan. However ...
2020/01/17 303
Following Four Years of Deadlock, How Will the Two Sides of the Strait Restart Consultations?
In her victory speech, Tsai Ing-wen at the first opportunity urged the Beijing authorities to face squarely the choices of the Taiwan people, and expected to initiate dialogue with the Mainland. On th ...
2020/01/16 350
President Tsai Must Face Squarely 6 Million People’s Disappointment
Tsai Ing-wen won re-election as president with 8.17 million votes, but those who voted to support the other two tickets, when added together reached over 6 million votes, representing these voters’ di ...
2020/01/15 321
M’land Tourists’ Decline Because of DPP’s Victory Leads to Misery of Tourism Industry
Tsai Ing-wen has won re-election as President and the DPP has maintained a majority of seats in the Legislative Yuan, adding variables to the already strained cross-Strait relations. Chung Hsing Trave ...
2020/01/14 317
From Corruption to Authoritarianism, Tsai Ing-wen’s Path Must Be Stopped
Tsai Ing-wen has taken complete control of the government, yet lacks competence of governance. The entire country has been reduced to a tool for her to dole out resources, consolidate power, and eradi ...
2020/01/13 350
What Else Would Tsai Ing-wen "Confiscate" If Given 4 More Years?
In recent pep rallies, Tsai Ing-wen endlessly urges the electorate to give her four more years, saying that she would use all efforts to strive for the economy and safeguard sovereignty. However, cons ...
2020/01/10 331
Two Ballots for Legislators Could Also Stop Abuse of Power, Dongchang, and Fat Cats
In the past four years, the Legislative Yuan, in various legislative actions on bills and amendments, has virtually been reduced to an arena for "only politics, no justice" and "only considering the p ...
2020/01/10 316
People Don't Trust Law Enforcement Because the Tsai Gov’t Is Abusing Power and Law
The DPP railroaded the Anti-Infiltration Bill in the parliament, eliciting disputes of a high degree. With regard to the question of the law-making process and the question of substantive justice, Pre ...
2020/01/09 321
Was Lin Ching-yi Speaking Out the True Position of the Tsai Ing-wen Camp?
Lin Ching-yi, a spokesperson for the Tsai Ing-wen campaign office, granted an exclusive interview to the Voice of Germany, indicating that advocating reunification could possibly constitute an act of ...
2020/01/08 313
Even Cheng Nan-jung Would Not Side with the Tsai Gov’t in Its Doings
The DPP highhandedly rammed through the "Anti-Infiltration Bill", taking Taiwan to a state of "quasi-martial law rule". On the same day, National Taiwan University professor Su Hung-dah made public th ...
2020/01/07 440
After a Night’s Sleep, Tsai Ing-wen Has Reverted Taiwan to the Martial Law Rule Era
On New Year's Day 2020, the public after a night’s sleep, found that Taiwan had arrived in a new martial law rule era created by Tsai Ing-wen. The “Anti-Infiltration Bill” was rammed through the Legis ...
2020/01/06 312
Will the US Sit Idly By and Watch the DPP Confiscate Democracy?
The legislative and executive branches of the US government expressed a high degree of concern about the questions of Taiwan's "Martial Law" as well as freedom and democracy of Taiwan in the 1970s and ...
2020/01/03 312
We Oppose the Anti-Infiltration Bill; There Must Be a Sinister Scheme Behind It If the Gov’t Couldn’t Even Wait for Half a Minute
Mainland Affairs Council spokesman Chiu Chui-cheng’s remarks regarding the "Anti-Infiltration Bill" elicited a backlash; he emphasized that the bill would only set norms for 5 kinds of unlawful acts, ...
2020/01/02 311
Does Tsai Ing-wen Still Not Have Any Feelings about the Next Trump-Xi Meeting?
The rise of Mainland China has led to a transformation of the global power structure, morphing the relationship between the two big superpowers, the US and China, from a "strategic partnership" to "st ...
2019/12/31 347
When Humanity Is Lost in the Elections, Sentiments Hating the DPP Will Resurge
With the fast approaching election day, the offense and defense of the ruling and opposition parties have become more and more agitated. Recently, the Blue and Green camps argued red-faced about the n ...
2019/12/30 387
Taiwan’s People Did Not Grow Up under the Threat of Authoritarianism
The dreadfulness of the "Anti-Infiltration Bill" lies in its unclear definition, extensive coverage, difficulty in verification, and extremely hefty penalties; it would easily mete out term sentences ...
2019/12/27 322
The Council of Agriculture Has Been Reduced to Electioneering Machinery, Sitting Idly by to Watch the Erosion of Farmland
New Power Party legislator Hsu Yung-ming recently questioned that the agricultural media outlet of the “Harvest Association” under the Council of Agriculture (COA), self-proclaimed as an independent m ...
2019/12/26 324
350,000 Swarming to the Streets, Han Fans Have Even Greater Responsibility Ahead
With 20 days left in the count-down to the 2020 presidential election, on December 21st, the Blue camp held a grand parade in support of Han Kuo-yu and the Green camp staged a march for the recall of ...
2019/12/25 395
The Int’l Community Has Slapped the Face of the Tsai Gov’t Twice for its Energy Policies
The international community in recent days consecutively slapped the face of the Tsai government twice for its energy policies. First, in the "Climate Change Performance Indicators" (CCPI) released by ...
2019/12/24 376
While Chen Shi-meng Bullies the Judiciary, Hsu Tzong-li Plays Deaf and Dumb
Chen Shi-meng, a Control Yuan member of the “Tsai Ing-wen faction” was dissatisfied that Ma Ying-jeou was found not guilty in the “secret-leaking case”, so he decided to bring in Tang Yueh, a judge at ...
2019/12/23 331
In the White House’s Mind, Taiwan’s Weight Is Diminishing
After the US and China reached the first phase trade agreement, their bilateral relationship will be reset. It is judged that in the future it will be based on a keynote of "strategic competition", wh ...
2019/12/20 307
From Childcare to Long-term Elderly Care, How Does Tsai Ing-wen Dare to Deceive Both the Old and the Young?
Tsai Ing-wen says that she wants to "take good care of Taiwan’s kids", and her approach is "from the age of 0 to 6 years, the state will raise the kids together with you": From the current NT$65,000 ...
2019/12/20 338
Eradicate DPP’s Tyranny of Majority in Parliament
"The separation of powers" and "checks and balances" are the fundamental principles of the operations of democracy. Nevertheless, the DPP, in complete control of the government, are oblivious to these ...
2019/12/18 366
Who Could Fend Off Tsai Ing-wen's Obstinacy and Arrogance?
The credit card prodigy Slow Yang case has stirred up a tempest, becoming the talk of the town. President Tsai Ing-wen first said, "I don't know her", and then after netizens dug up a photo showing th ...
2019/12/17 343
Han Fans Are Awaiting the Signal of "Night Attack"
After Han Kuo-yu urged supporters to hide their voting preferences, reports of some opinion polls from unknown origins have verily disappeared from the media; authoritative institutions’ survey data h ...
2019/12/16 388
DPP Is Destroying the Fruits of the Formosa Magazine Incident
Yesterday (December 10) marked the 40th anniversary of the Formosa Magazine Incident; the DPP once again used this democracy activity to help partisan electoral prospects. Tsai Ing-wen accompanied pro ...
2019/12/13 422
A Gov’t that Does Not Admit Mistakes Is a Disaster for the Country
Following the rise of the DPP, it brought into Taiwan’s politics the word “sophistry”, which has since become deep-rooted, hard to break. After Chen Shui-bian stepped down for corruption and the DPP l ...
2019/12/12 384
The Secret Behind the DPP’s Insistence on Using Lungs to Generate Power
The election campaign has entered a stage of hand-to-hand combat; the Taichung Power Plant burns coal for power generation, creating a pollution problem, eliciting vehement disputes. Air pollution not ...
2019/12/11 689

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