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The Myth of Contraction: When Taipei's Pay Scale Loses to Beijing
Despite the fact that Taiwan's pay scale has been in the doldrums being an open secret, when people learned that the average salary in Taipei is lower than in Beijing, they were still startled that it ...
2017/12/15 64
Facing the Changing International Situation, What is Tsai Ing-wen’s Strategy?
The recent international situation has been treacherous and volatile. After North Korea successfully test-fired the Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile, the crisis in the Korean Peninsula in ...
2017/12/14 81
Paradoxical Promotion of the Transformational Justice View of History
Proclaiming to fully implement "transformational justice," the DPP, relying on its overwhelming majority in the Legislative Yuan, forcibly passed a bill titled “Statute Governing the Promotion of Tran ...
2017/12/13 89
Investing in Taiwan: Lai Ching-te’s Wishful Thinking
The Cabinet convoked an ad hoc meeting for accelerating investments in Taiwan, reviewing the situation of foreign and overseas Chinese direct investments (FDI). The Premier proposed three strategies t ...
2017/12/12 85
Prosecutor-General Yen Ta-ho, Please Leave an Image of Paradigm for Guardian for of Justice
Ching Fu’s minesweepers case has spawned several scandals, including loan fraud, leaving layers and layers of suspicions. However, the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office has been investigating the ...
2017/12/11 90
"Transitional Justice" to Become the DPP's Ladder for New Authoritarianism
While the protests against the revisions to the "Labor Standards Act" are still alive, the DPP immediately launched a battle for enacting the bill titled “Statute Governing the Promotion of Transforma ...
2017/12/08 95
Two Battles for Revising Labor Standards Act Have Destroyed Lin Chuan and Wounded Lai Ching-te
A year ago this week, the DPP, in high-handed moves, completed the legislative action of an amendment bill to the Labor Standards Act, loudly cheering victory and proclaiming that it had secured unpre ...
2017/12/07 95
Sandwiched by Coal-Burning and Air Pollution, Are Free Rides on Public Conveyances Really a Solution?
In order to counter the impending arrival of peak air pollution during the winter, local governments in central and southern Taiwan have recently tossed out magic solutions one after another. The firs ...
2017/12/06 91
Face Cross-Strait Question Instead of Being Obstinate in Locally Manufacturing Navy Ships
The Ching Fu case is moving toward contract termination and abandonment of the case step by step; the fiasco of building minesweepers would inevitably impact the policy of locally manufacturing Navy s ...
2017/12/05 87
Forestalling the DPP from Ruling the Country by Gestapo
Since the DPP began the full control of the governmenton May 20 last year, it has repeatedly exceeded constitutional demarcations, resorting to totalitarianism and abuse of power, attempting to erect ...
2017/12/04 91
Are Human Rights Still the Core Value of the DPP?
The Cabinet version of a bill entitled "Information-Communications Security Management Act" is now under review at the Legislative Judiciary Committee. Various provisions of Article 18 of the bill car ...
2017/12/01 96
No Matter How Pompous the Ambitions on the Part of the Powers that Be, the Public Will End Up Footing the Bill
The Navy’s minesweeper case has run aground, and the nature of the matter has not been clearly defined. The Coast Guard jumped ahead, declaring on its own initiative the termination of the contract wi ...
2017/11/30 94
Malice Has No Winners: Cross-Strait Moves Viewed through the Lee Ming-che Case
Lee Ming-che, a former DPP party worker, yesterday was sentenced to five years in prison by a Mainland court for "subverting the political power of the state"; Lee Ming-che indicated in court that he ...
2017/11/29 99
Economic Growth Rate Has Been Forecast Higher, But the Public Are Not Enthusiastic
The Office of Budget, Accounting, and Statistics (Budget Office) under the Cabinet recently readjusted its forecast for this year’s economic growth rate from 2.11% to 2.58%, a hike of 0.47% percentage ...
2017/11/28 102
Recall Huang Guo-chang, Instill Fear in Politicians
The countdown to Huang’s recall election day is only a few weeks away; perhaps the voice of recall was truly overwhelming, but the usually unperturbed Huang Guo-chang has to seriously confront it. A c ...
2017/11/27 95
Minesweepers Fiasco Will Become International Scandal If Not Handled Well
The minesweepers storm keeps snowballing. Lockheed Martin, the firm that was contracted for the ships’ weapons system design and installation, has ordered the downstream subcontractors to stop all wor ...
2017/11/24 94
Taiwan Needs a Revolution of Thought
Trump has concluded his East Asia tour, showing Sino-American relations and the big picture in East Asia are the top priorities for him; however, a tidbit has become the focus of global attention, tha ...
2017/11/23 97
Shouldn’t the Prosecutor General Take Over the Ching Fu Investigation?
Navy commander Huang Shu-kuang, admitted that it was his decision to advance the payment of NT$2.4 billion to Ching Fu, shouldering all responsibilities in this case. It looks like from the Presidenti ...
2017/11/22 99
Merging into the New Economics and Trade Wave Geared Up by the Mainland
U.S. President Trump’s Asia tour has drawn to a close; the world has not only seen the temperature of the North Korea nuclear dispute fall, tensions in the East China Sea and the South China Sea regio ...
2017/11/21 107
The Question the Tsai Gov’t Must Answer: Who Ordered the Disbursement?
The minesweepers case has brought climax after climax; after the Presidential Palace rebuked reports that Ching Fu's vice chairman Chen Wei-jyh had entered the Presidential Palace, it immediately foun ...
2017/11/20 101
How Many in Tsai Gov’t Can Order Military to Disperse Funds?
A relevant recording in the minesweepers case was recently revealed, surprisingly exposing an explosive development in the Ching Fu case. In the recording, Wang Tuan-jen, Kaohsiung City director of Oc ...
2017/11/17 99
Increasing Military Procurements Can’t Revert Military Imbalance in the Taiwan Strait
For years, the DPP government, when facing a United States calling on our government to strengthen our defense capabilities, has always responded by seeking to augment increase military purchases, not ...
2017/11/16 107
Backpedaling of APEC Foretells New Turn in Global Economy and Trade
The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum is a lavish party; leaders of various countries exchange pleasantries, gaining something from each other, with no harm but benefits politically. Neve ...
2017/11/15 99
Seeking Kinfolk a Mystery and Wrong Political Signal
President Tsai Ing-wen's South Pacific tour of three diplomatic partners just ended a couple of days ago; how we assess the results and cost-effectiveness of this trip depends on each individual’s per ...
2017/11/14 112
Nuclear-Free Homeland Has Degenerated to State of Ignoring Human Lives
The "nuclear-free homeland" pushed by President Tsai as her campaign strategy, set its target at 2025 and aimed to stir up political rivalry. It was not evaluated cautiously, pragmatically or with sci ...
2017/11/13 110
US-China-Taiwan Trilateral Relationship Has Completely Changed
As we all know, cross-Strait relations have never been simply a relationship between the two sides of the Strait; the US factor has always played a pivotal role. The tripartite interactions between th ...
2017/11/10 111
Can Switchboard Operator James Soong Connect the Cut-Off Communication Line Across the Strait?
James Soong departed yesterday from Taipei to represent Tsai Ing-wen at the APEC Summit in Vietnam. Tsai Ing-wen last month appointed James Soong to be the leader’s representative again this year, say ...
2017/11/09 112
Veracity and Fiction in Trump's New Asia Policy
All spotlights have focused on the North Korea question and trade issues in Trump's five-nation Asia tour; however, in so far as Asian allies of the United States are concerned, they are most concerne ...
2017/11/08 97
The Three Challenges and Three Shadows of Trump’s Asian Tour
U.S. Air Force One landed at Japan's Yokota Airbase on November 5th, starting Trump's five-nation tour of Asia. The missions of this visit are arduous; not only could the North Korea crisis erupt at a ...
2017/11/07 99
While Other Countries Deploy for Trump’s Asia Visit, Taiwan Deals with Alert and Caution
On the eve of Trump's visit to Asia, when Tsai Ing-wen made a stop-over in Hawaii with meticulous arrangements, shouting "Taiwan-US relations have never been better," Xi Jinping, together with Moon Ja ...
2017/11/06 104

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