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KMT condemns singer Huang An and JYP over Chou Tzu-yu’s apology controversy


 KMT condemns singer Huang An and JYP over Chou Tzu-yu’s apology controversy


January 16, 2016


The Kuomintang has condemned South Korea’s JYP entertainment agency for forcing a teenage Taiwanese singer to apologize over her waving of the Republic of China national flag in an online show aired in November last year.


It also denounced mainland-based Taiwanese singer Huang An for accusing fellow teenage singer Chou Tzu-yu of being a supporter of Taiwan independence.


We deeply regret and feel pained that the 16-year-old Chou was forced to read a note by JYP in front of the camera, apologizing to the public” over the controversy, it said, adding it found such a demand highly unacceptable and that the KMT would never tolerate such an act.


It asked mainland China not to suppress freedom of speech of show business people from Taiwan and to handle the issue with reason, or the incident would "only hurt the feelings and trust of people between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait."


As a staunched advocate of the Republic of China national flag, the KMT said it stands by Chou and any act by ROC nationals to fly the ROC flag all over the world.

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