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KMT to hold chairmanship by-election on March 26


 KMT to hold chairmanship by-election on March 26

January 20, 2016


The Kuomintang will elect a new leader on March 26 after Eric Chu resigned as chairman to take full responsibility over the party’s electoral defeat.


In a KMT Central Standing Committee meeting on January 20, acting KMT Chairwoman Huang Min-hui encouraged interested members to join the chairmanship by-election and that the new leader help the party win back public support. 


She said the KMT must pick itself up and move forward despite all odds. In addition to actively reforming itself, the KMT must also rekindle passion within the party, unite all members and humbly listen to the voices of the public so that it can stage a comeback in the future.   


Chu, KMT presidential candidate, officially resigned on January 18 to take the blame of the party’s defeat in the presidential and parliamentary polls on January 16.


“I disappointed you all,” Chu said in an extraordinary KMT central standing committee meeting on January 18, adding he “will never forget the KMT lost power during his term.”

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