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Ma: DPP Spineless and Despicable


 Ma: DPP Spineless and Despicable

Source: All Taipei News

Date: June 25, 2014


The Taipei-based National Palace Museum (NPM, 國立故宮博物院) had long scheduled to hold an exhibition of a collection of its Chinese treasures in Japan. However, the Tokyo National Museum, the organizer of the exhibition, violated the exhibition contract by omitting the key word “National” in “National Palace Museum” on the promotional materials, causing a raging stir in Taiwan. The opposition parties criticized the government for not handling the issue properly and damaging relations between Taiwan and Japan. Rebutting the criticism, President Ma Ying-jeou, who also serves as KMT Chairman, stated that it was intolerable that the DPP sided with Japan and failed to stand up for our country’s dignity. Ma said, “It is despicable that these people trumpet ‘we love Taiwan’ all the time, but turn spineless at critical moments.”


Chairing the KMT’s Zhongshan meeting yesterday, Ma pointed out that the government had upheld our country’s integrity by maintaining a consistent stance in dealing with foreign affairs. KMT spokesman Charles Chen (陳以信) also opined that the government had never made any concessions in maintaining the country’s dignity. On the other hand, it was disappointing that the DPP fawned over Japan blindly, Chen added.


Chen criticized that the DPP did not hesitate to obstruct some cross-Strait agreements, such as ECFA and STA, which were essential for Taiwan’s economic development, at the risk of sacrificing Taiwan’s economy. Furthermore, when Mainland officials visited Taiwan, the DPP frequently mobilized its supporters to violently protest their visits, which was indeed a kneejerk protest against the Mainland, said Chen.


As for the dispute over the Diaoyutai Islands with Japan, Chen criticized that the DPP had never shown toughness in dealing with Japan, and that Taiwan independence advocates had never rebutted the argument that “The Diaoyutai Islands belong to Japan.” It was extremely regrettable that the DPP disregarded the country’s dignity and fawned over Japan, Chen concluded.


[Editor’s notes: An editorial in the Taipei-based China Times published on November 26, 2013, stated that the DPP has been mealy-mouthed regarding Diaoyutai Islands sovereignty. Many in the DPP support Lee Teng-hui’s claim that “The Diaoyutai Islands belong to Japan.” However, others insist that sovereignty over the Diaoyutai Islands belongs to DPP-governed Yilan County. Su Tseng-chang has publicly supported “The Diaoyutai Islands belong to Japan” position.]

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