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Lien-Xi Meeting in Beijing/ Lien: Through Blood and Tears, Taiwan Retroceded to ROC


 Lien-Xi Meeting in Beijing/ Lien: Through Blood and Tears, Taiwan Retroceded to ROC

Source: All Taipei Newspapers

Sep. 02, 2015

Lien Chan (連戰), a former ROC Vice President and a former KMT chairman, and Xi Jinping (習近平), General-Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), met in Beijing yesterday, their third meeting. During the meeting, Xi stated that KMT-CCP cooperation, that is, the KMT's war efforts on the main battlefields and the CCP's war efforts behind enemy lines, was "a mutually supportive, coordinated effort that brought important contributions" toward eventual victory. This was the first time that Xi mentioned the KMT's contributions on the main battlefields in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.

 In remarks made while meeting with Xi, Lien stated that during the eight-year war, Chiang Kai-shek(蔣介石), leading the Nationalist army, engaged directly with the Japanese troops in 22 major battles delivering debilitating blows to the invading Japanese army, while the CCP troops led by Mao Zedong held the enemy back behind enemy lines.

 "With an indomitable and dauntless determination, we won over Japan at last. According to the Cairo Declaration territories stolen from China by Japan would be returned to the Republic of China after the war ended," which was earned from the blood and tears of the compatriots on both sides of the Strait, Lien added.

 Lien went on to note that many countries were holding events to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, adding that their purpose was to pursue long-lasting peace, development, and prosperity. As people of both sides share the same language and ancestry, belonging to the Chinese nation, we are in fact brothers of the same family, and should jointly create peace, promote development and enjoy prosperity, Lien concluded.   

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