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KMT CSC to Introduce Resolution at NPC to Repeal Hung’s Presidential Nomination


KMT CSC to Introduce Resolution at NPC to Repeal Hung’s Presidential Nomination  
Source: All Taipei newspapers    October 15, 2015
The KMT Central Standing Committee (CSC) yesterday adopted a motion tabled by Chiang Shuo-ping (江碩平), a CSC member, requesting the KMT National Party Congress (NPC)  to repeal, by resolutions, its earlier resolution confirming Hung Hsiu-chu’s (洪秀柱) Presidential nomination. The motion will be referred to NPC extraordinary session in Taipei for deliberation on October 17.    
According to media reports, the NPC session will last for three hours. President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) and Hung Hsiu-chu are expected to take to the stage to address party delegates. 
If the NPC adopts a new resolution, as requested by the CSC motion, to repeal Hung’s nomination, a Presidential candidate nomination review committee will be immediately held, at the venue of NPC session, to nominate a new KMT Presidential candidate, which will be referred to the Central Standing Committee, meeting also at the same venue, and the NPC for deliberation.    
During yesterday’s CSC meeting, KMT Chairman Eric Chu (朱立倫) bowed and apologized twice to Hung, Hung’s supporters and all party members. Chu stated, “Now, it is time for us to save our party. Now it is not time for us to engage in power struggles or seek personal gains.”    
Chu told his party comrades, “Our opponents are not within the party. Now it is time to reorganize ourselves and seek public support. The goal of the Oct. 17 NPC extraordinary session is to build a consensus, unite and win the elections.” 
Chu added, “After Oct. 17, there will be a united KMT. All of us will unite under a common cause and cross-Strait policies to allow people of Taiwan to have another choice.”      
Chiang Shuo-ping (江碩平), a CSC member, stated yesterday that he felt very sorry for Hung because he fired the first salvo, but added that he did so for the good of the party. “I am willing to apologize to Hung and resign as a CSC member. However, I will not withdraw from the KMT.”  
In a message posted on her Facebook webpage, Hung stated that the KMT CSC adopted the motion to “repeal”, rather than “rescind” her nomination, because CSC members knew that if they had used “rescind,” it would be in flagrant violation of the party charter.   
In a press release issued on the night of Oct. 13, Hung stated that she would respect the party’s resolution, but this did not necessarily mean that the manner in which the matter was being dealt with was legitimate. 


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