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KMT NPC Adopts Resolution to Draft Chu to Run in 2016 Presidential Election


KMT NPC Adopts Resolution to Draft Chu to Run in 2016 Presidential Election
Source: All Taipei newspapers   October 19, 2015
The KMT National Party Congress (NPC) convened an extraordinary session in Taipei on October 17 to deliberate a resolution to repeal Hung Hsiu-chu’s (洪秀柱) Presidential nomination. 
After deliberations, 812 out of 891 NPC members who attended the session voted yes, by raising their hands, to pass the resolution to repeal Hung’s nomination.    
Afterwards, the NPC members adopted a resolution, by acclamation, to draft KMT Chairman Eric Chu (朱立倫) to run in the 2016 Presidential Election.  
Before the vote, Hung took to the stage to address the NPC members. She stated that she would respect the NPC’s decision, saying that the KMT may abandon her, but she would never give up on the party. 
Hung stated, “If the NPC decides to repeal my nomination, the decision will be highly controversial in terms of reasoning, legitimacy and due process of law. I cannot agree. However, as a party member, I have no choice but to accept the result.”  
Before his address to NPC party members, Chu first apologized to Hung and all party comrades. “I am sorry for all the troubles and worries I have caused all party comrades. I have not done enough in terms of communication. Once again, I want to apologize to Hung for the trouble and frustration she has endured,” stated Chu.        
During his speech, Chu called on all party members to unite, saying, “If the KMT suffers a humiliating defeat, Taiwan will be dominated by a single party, the DPP. Without checks and balances at all levels of government and parliament, there can be no democracy. Will there be checks and balances or democracy in Taiwan if we allow a political party to control Taiwan’s politics across the board, which tends to engage in confrontation/street protests, and to block legislative proceedings by occupying the Legislative Yuan Speaker’s podium? Will Taiwan become a nation ruled by one party? Will teachers teach their students a one-party ideology? Think about it. This is why we worry about the future of Taiwan’s democracy.”   
Chu stated, “The KMT must unite for the party, the Republic of China and Taiwan. The KMT must never fall apart. The KMT must pull itself up. We have the responsibility to stick to the core values of the KMT. That is, we must be diligent in politics and love the people, abide by the law and principles of democracy, and promote cross-Strait peace.”    
Learning the NPC’s decision to repeal her Presidential nomination, Hung told her supporters who gathered outside of the NPC venue, “All along, I have insisted that we must find the right path for the nation. Now, this is the beginning. We must move forward and never give up because there are still many things to be done. I urge all comrades to return to the party, to stay within the party in order to reform the party.”   


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