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CSC Members to Propose Amendment to KMT Regulations on Party List Nominations


 CSC Members to Propose Amendment to KMT Regulations on Party List Nominations

 Sources: All Taipei newspapers

 October 20, 2015

KMT Presidential candidate Eric Chu, who doubles as KMT Chairman, recently stated that there was a tacit agreement within the KMT to continue placing Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng on top of the party list for at-large legislators in the upcoming legislative elections, scheduled for January 16, 2016. 

Legislator Liao Kuo-tung (廖國棟), who is also a member of the KMT Central Standing Committee (CSC), stated yesterday that he had obtained the endorsements of 10 other CSC members to table a motion to amend the KMT’s nomination regulations on the party list for at-large legislators. He said that the amendment would lift the current two-term limit on a Legislative Speaker’s legislator-at-large seat, allowing Wang to be nominated for an unlimited number of terms. 

Liao noted that the KMT had regained its momentum after the extraordinary National Party Congress on October 17, during which party delegates agreed to repeal Hung Hsiu-Chu’s Presidential nomination and draft KMT Chairman Chu to run in the 2016 Presidential Election. Liao said that he was optimistic that the KMT could maintain its majority in the Legislative Yuan. 

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