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KMT Party List for At-Large Legislative Candidates Partially Revealed


 KMT Party List for At-Large Legislative Candidates Partially Revealed

 Sources: All Taipei newspapers

 November 18, 2015

The DPP released its party list for at-large legislators last week. According to media reports this morning, a high-ranking KMT official disclosed the names of three prospective at-large legislative candidates on its party list last night. 

The three legislative hopefuls are: William Tseng (曾銘宗), incumbent Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission, Jason Hsu (許毓仁), founder of the website TED×Taipei, and Lin Li-chan (林麗蟬), a Cambodia-born  ROC citizen, who is currently a youth affairs advisor in the Executive Yuan (Cabinet). 

Tseng stated that he was not affiliated with any political party, adding that it was inappropriate for him to comment on the news report at this time. 

Viewed as a representative of the high-tech and new Internet generation, Hsu also declined to comment. 

In contrast to the low-profiles of the other two prospective candidates, Lin Li-chan, a Cambodian immigrant who married a man in Taiwan 18 years ago, confirmed that she had been contacted by the KMT, candidly adding that “if elected, I will convey the voices of new emigrants from various countries in the Legislative Yuan.”  

Lin is the first immigrant to be conferred the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award. She stressed that she would provide assistance to over half a million new immigrants in Taiwan so that they may become integrated into society. 

According to media reports, the KMT party central is expected to officially release its party list for at-large legislative candidates on Friday at an extraordinary meeting of the Central Standing Committee, following the regular meetings held every Wednesday.


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