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Chu Resigns as KMT Chairman, Pledges to Shoulder All Responsibilities


Chu Resigns as KMT Chairman, Pledges to Shoulder All Responsibilities   
Source: All Taipei newspapers  January 18, 2016
The KMT suffered a major setback in the January 16 Presidential and Legislative elections. KMT Presidential candidate Eric Chu (朱立倫) announced his resignation as KMT Chairman, saying that he would shoulder all responsibility for the party’s defeat in the elections. He stressed that he would engage himself in deep soul searching.    
In addition, Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌), who lost in the Keelung legislative election, also resigned as KMT Vice Chairman.   
During a press conference on January 16, KMT Secretary-General Lee Shu-chuan (李四川) stated that according to the KMT party charter, a Vice Chairperson would act as acting Chairperson before a new Chairperson was elected within three months.
【Editor’s Note: The KMT has had two Vice Chairpersons, Hau Lung-bin and Huang Min-hui (黃敏惠).】 
Lee added, “High-ranking party staff will stay until a new Chairperson is elected within three months. After a new KMT Chairperson is elected, he/she will appoint new party staff. ”  
Facing the most humiliating defeat in Saturday’s elections, Chu stated that the KMT must learn an important lesson. “In addition to deep soul-searching, the KMT must listen to the people’s voices. In the future, the KMT must play the role of an opposition party to properly oversee the government.”   
Chu asked, “Why has the vox populi changed so dramatically? Why did the KMT fail to notice such a dramatic change. Why did the KMT fail to conduct deep soul-searching and correct its mistakes in time? The KMT has lost both the Presidential and Legislative elections, which is an unprecedented, humiliating blow to the KMT.”    
Chu went on to say, “The KMT lost the elections, but will never lose our love for Taiwan, and the Republic of China. This is our promise to the voters in Taiwan.”   

Chu stated, “Those who did not vote for the KMT have prodded us to engage in a thorough self-reflection. The KMT will continue to reform and change in order to gather enough momentum to make a comeback in four years.”  

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