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Mainland Students Said to Be Restricted from Studying in Taiwan


 Mainland Students Said to Be Restricted from Studying in Taiwan

Source: United Daily News

June 7, 2016

After the DPP administration assumed office, the number of Mainland tourists visiting Taiwan has declined significantly and now it is rumored that Mainland students would be restricted from studying in Taiwan.  The presidents of several private universities in Taiwan stated that short-term study programs and summer/winter vacation exchange camps had seen enrollment drop precipitately.  The presidents expressed concerns about the impact on future cross-Strait academic exchanges.   The Association of Private Universities and Colleges sent text messages to its members to remind them to be prepared for the expected decline in the number of Mainland students enrolled in Taiwan.

 According to the Education Ministry, 7,000 Mainland students were pursuing an undergraduate degree in Taiwan and 34,114 Mainland students were enrolled in short-term studies or exchange camps.  If the Mainland restricted the number of its students studying in Taiwan, it would have a severe impact on Taiwan’s universities and colleges.

 Yang Ming-lin (楊敏玲), Director-General of International and Cross-Strait Education under the Education Ministry, stated that the Education Ministry had confirmed with Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council and the Mainland’s Taiwan Affairs Office that Mainland students would continue to study in Taiwan and the Mainland would continue to promote cross-Strait education exchanges.

 Jiangxi, Henan, Jilin, and Hubei Provinces reportedly intended to restrict their number of students studying in Taiwan for an undisclosed period of time.  Beijing has apparently not issued a unified guidance on the issue, and supposedly is allowing provincial governments to deal with the matter based on their local experiences, according to an official in charge of Taiwan affairs.

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