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Premier: No Political Premises Should Be Set for Cross-Strait Local Gov’t Exchanges


 Premier: No Political Premises Should Be Set for Cross-Strait Local Gov’t Exchanges

Source: All Taipei Newspapers

Sep. 21. 2016

Pan-Blue local mayors and county executives from eight cities and counties in Taiwan visited Beijing last weekend, urging the Mainland to seek ways to improve and promote cross-Strait tourism. The Mainland later released eight policy points on strengthening business and cultural exchanges as well as sales of farm produce to the Mainland in the eight cities and counties, which are governed by Pan-Blue mayors and county executives.  

 In response, Premier Lin Chuan (林全) said he was glad to see any friendly cross-Strait interactions, but added that no political premises should be set for cross-Strait exchanges. The Premier went on to say that he hoped the nation’s sovereignty and dignity would be safeguarded during exchanges with Beijing.  

 Katherine Chang (張小月) Chairwoman of Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), stated that no political conditions should be attached to cross-Strait exchanges, adding that preferential treatment for only certain cities and counties in Taiwan would not have a positive impact on cross-Strait relations.   

 The mayors and county executives from Taiwan met with Zhang Zhijun (張志軍) and Yu Zhengsheng (俞正聲) to discuss tourism and cultural exchanges in Beijing on September 18. Zhang is the chairman of the Mainland’s Taiwan Affairs Office under the State Council, and Yu is chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). The visit became the focus of public attention in Taiwan because the Mainland reportedly insisted, during the meetings, on the “1992 Consensus” and it core meaning that “both sides belonged to one China.”      

 In response, former Premier Chang San-cheng (張善政), chairman of the Taipei-based Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI,國家生技醫療產業策進會), stated yesterday that the mayors and county executives only went to the Mainland to boost Taiwan’s tourism industry, so how could this harm the nation’s sovereignty? “This is going too far, by any stretch of the imagination,” Chang concluded.


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