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Hung Criticized for Abandoning “One China, Different Interpretations” Formulation


Hung Criticized for Abandoning “One China, Different Interpretations” Formulation


Source: All Taipei Newspapers

September 26, 2016


Recently, some within the KMT criticized that the KMT’s new party platform, approved by the 19th KMT National Party Congress annual meeting on September 4, for only aiming to deepen the “1992 Consensus” while failing to mention “one China, different interpretations” in one breath.


Former ROC Vice President Wu Den-yih (吳敦義) and KMT Vice Chairman Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌) attended the annual meeting of the Taiwan Benevolent Association of America (TBAA) in Boston on September 24. During the meeting, Hau stated that the 1992 Consensus must be connected with “one China/different interpretations.” Hau asked why we would abandon the one China/different interpretations formulation since it worked so well during the Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) administration.


Moreover, Wu stated, “one China, same interpretations amounts to singing the same tune [with others]. Will Mainland China say with us that one China means the Republic of China? Therefore, we need ‘one China, different interpretations’ instead of ‘one China, wanton interpretations’ or ‘one China, the same interpretation.’”


KMT First Vice Chairman Steve Chan (詹啟賢) tried to dispel the controversy on September 24, saying that the new KMT party platform did not highlight only the party referring to the “1992 Consensus.” He cited the General Introduction of the party platform, which clearly included the “1992 Consensus/one China, different interpretations.”


According to the United Daily News and Apple Daily, Wu and Hau, both widely believed to be interested in running in the KMT chairmanship election next year, have formed an alliance. They took advantage of the controversy over the cross-Strait formulation to provoke intra-party conflict for the chairmanship election.

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