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Blue Camp: Chen Chu May Be an Unwilling Candidate for Taipei City Mayoral Race


Blue Camp: Chen Chu May Be an Unwilling Candidate for Taipei City Mayoral Race


Source: China Times

May 18, 2018


The DPP Committee on Election Campaign Strategy (CECS) decided to draft “the strongest candidate” for the Taipei City mayoral race. Would Secretary General to the President Chen Chu (陳菊) be drafted? Chen stressed yesterday that her current duty was to assist President Tsai in upgrading her governance performance.  As the DPP CECS would finalize the candidate for the Taipei City mayoral race within two weeks, Chen said she would “respect” the decision, however, “helping President Tsai reach reform goals is indeed my most important mission.”

As to Chen’s “respect” for the decision of the CECS, the Presidential Office immediately clarified that it hoped that the outside circles would not overinterpret Chen’s statement.

However, Li Che-hua (李哲華), director of the KMT Organizational Development Committee, noted that this was the first time Chen breached the topic, so he interpreted her “respect” statement as meaning that she may possibly run in the Taipei City mayoral race as the DPP candidate. She was destined to be under Tsai’s control since she abandoned the elected Kaohsiung mayorship and accepted the position of secretary general to the President, he added.




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