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Huang Wei-cher: Tsai Misinterpreted Xi’s ‘Five Points’


 Huang Wei-cher: Tsai Misinterpreted Xi’s ‘Five Points’ 

Source: China Times
11 January, 2019
Mainland President Xi Jinping recently stated his ‘Five Points’, and President Tsai Ing-wen interpreted Xi’s ‘1992 consensus’ as equivalent to ‘one country, two systems’. Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-cher (黃偉哲), who is of DPP affiliation, stated yesterday that Xi “did not state in his ‘Five Points’ that the ‘1992 consensus’ is ‘one country, two systems’.” 
In an interview, Huang expressed that “in truth, Xi’s ‘Five Points’ did not state that the ‘1992 consensus’ is ‘one country, two systems’, but going by Xi’s logic with regard to the ‘1992 consensus’, it will eventually lead to ‘one country, two systems.’ In response to Tsai’s call for all political parties in Taiwan not to bring up the ‘1992 consensus’ again, Huang opined that “now is the time for ‘100% economy, 0% politics’, and we should not stress this point again. Personally, I welcome all Mainland tourists with open arms, akin to the reception that ‘Grandpa Lien’ [used affectionately by schoolchildren to address Lien Chan (連戰) at his alma mater in Xi’an] received.”

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