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Cabinet: Chang Should Bear Most of Accountability for “Dongchang” Incident


 Cabinet: Chang Should Bear Most of Accountability for “Dongchang” Incident


Source: United Daily News

January 11, 2019

Last year, the Cabinet set up an ad hoc committee to clarify the “Dongchang” incident which occurred in the Transformational Justice Commission on August 24, 2018. Yesterday, the ad hoc committee made public the related investigative report.

In the report, the ad hoc committee indicated that as the “thoughtless and reckless” words by Chang Tien-chin (張天欽), then TJC vice chairman, in the internal meeting on August 24, had seriously undermined the TJC’s credibility and caused an extremely adverse impact on the implementation of transformation justice, Chang “should bear most of the political accountability.” The committee added that on September 14, 2018, the Cabinet had approved Chang’s resignation.

Chiang Chi-chen (江啓臣), KMT legislative caucus whip, lambasted the Cabinet for passing the buck to Chang, who had already resigned, and for regarding a systematic problem as a personal problem while handling the incident. Chiang opined that the Cabinet not only shirked its own accountability but also distanced itself completely from the incident.

KMT legislator Lee Yen-hsu (李彥秀) stated that from the audio recording of the internal meeting exposed by a whistleblower, everyone knew well that the likes of Chang Tien-chin were absolutely the ones who guided the TJC. Lee went on to say that if the TJC refused to adjust its mentality and remained oblivious to the substantive transformational work, it would end up being a commission for purges and struggles.

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