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Foxconn to Continue Its Investments in Wisconsin


Foxconn to Continue Its Investments in Wisconsin

Source: United Daily News

Date: February 3rd, 2019

        Trump hope
s that Foxconn would continue its LCD investments in development and production in Wisconsin. Foxconn has been investing in autonomous cars and aerospace applications, hoping that young talents could move from the east and the west to the mid-west part of the U.S.
        Terry Gou stated the following:
“Ever since Trump’s presidency, the unemployment rate in Wisconsin has decreased from 5-6% to 2.6%. Consequently, I could not find any skilled workers, so I decided to train and recruit US veterans.
        Gou stated that Foxconn hoped to recruit
US veterans and young adults to learn high tech and production, while at the same time bringing discipline and execution into Foxconn.
        Gou emphasized that the U.S
. was the world’s biggest market, having the largest pool of talent, the highest technology and the most business-friendly environment, adding that for Foxconn investing in the U.S. was not only the right decision but conformed to the future economic trends.
        Foxconn also
announced that investments in Wisconsin would move forward the plans, building a Gen 6 lab facility, which would become the local high-tech, advanced manufacturing center and a regional cutting-edge tech hub. In the nearest future, after a comprehensive and systemic evaluation to ascertain that Wisconsin was the most suitable place for LCD investments, and at the same time for expanding the range of investments in Wisconsin, Foxconn would continue to expand its investments in talents in the U.S. and Wisconsin.

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