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DPP: More Deliberations Needed for “CCP Agents” Amendment Bill in LY


 DPP: More Deliberations Needed for “CCP Agents” Amendment Bill in LY

Source: UDN

September 20, 2019

The DPP caucus decided not to prioritize the “CCP Agents” Amendment Bill to the Statute Governing Relations Between People across the Taiwan Strait in the new regular legislative session, beginning this week. In regard to public concerns with respect to the amendment bill, Lee Chun-yi (李俊俋), DPP deputy caucus whip, stated that the DPP had reached a consensus on directions for revising the Statute, but some details still needed to be deliberated further.

Lee went on to say that in addition to the two versions of the amendment bill introduced by the DPP caucus and the New Power Party caucus, legislators of the ruling and opposition parties also had the power to introduce amendments to the amendment bill. The Legislative Yuan (LY) was a deliberative organ, so more time was needed for deliberations on the CCP Agents Amendment Bill, Lee concluded.

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