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Trump's Leadership Question: a President Who Does Not Want to Unite the People



Trump's Leadership Question: a President Who Does Not Want to Unite the People


United Daily News Editorial (Taipei, Taiwan)


June 17, 2020




According to historical experience, disasters and epidemics do not necessarily create disadvantages for the rulers, but may instead promote unity of the people across the country and consolidate the leadership center. Under the epidemic, Taiwan and Mainland China both vaguely echo such inferences. However, President Trump, who once reached a record high in the epidemic, seems to be flipping historical experience. The world’s highest number of confirmed cases and deaths, the nation’s tide of prolonged racial demonstrations, and the worst economic recession since the 2008 financial tsunami have continued to hit Trump's prestige hard. Some Republican party leaders do not support Trump’s re-election, and some former cabinet members have expressed disagreement with Trump, reflecting Trump's leadership problems.


Trump's leadership style has resulted in a sycophantic Cabinet, obeying Trump's orders to a tee; some with their own ideas were either forced to resign or fired. For example, Defense Secretary Mattis took the initiative to resign because he opposed Trump's Syria policy. This time Trump threatened to use the military to quell the racial demonstrations. Senior US generals worried that the military could be dragged into politics. Retired generals directly bombarded Trump. The most harsh criticism came from Mattis, who condemned Trump for tearing apart the United States, accusing Trump of being the first president in his lifetime who did not want to unite the American people.


Trump has also caused the United States to lose its global leadership status. Traditional European allies have long lost their trust in the United States; Trump pursues unilateralism; from the Paris Climate Convention to the World Health Organization, Trump has retreated from the groupings on a whim. Regardless of subordinates, comrades within the party, and even leaders of allies, Trump's leadership has mixed up the direction of the United States, swaying global leadership. General elections are due in five months. At present, Trump is behind Joe Biden, his opponent from the Democratic Party, and countries are closely watching. If Trump is re-elected in the end, this is the fate of the Americans, but at least American allies can make other plans.

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