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DPP’s Black Holes for Power and Corruption



DPP’s Black Holes for Power and Corruption


China Times Editorial (Taipei, Taiwan)


June 19, 2020

 Translation of an Excerpt




At the beginning of its establishment, the DPP aimed at overthrowing the KMT’s authoritarian system. Now that there have been three turnovers of ruling parties, it would be normal for democracy to have already achieved remarkable success. However, judging from its actions, the DPP government has become more and more like the party that it wanted to topple. With a high degree of power concentration, the government, law, commerce, media, and the Internet have been strung together, and tactics are newer and more sophisticated, practically facing no power of checks and balances. This will cause a far-reaching crisis for the quality of Taiwan’s democracy.


The DPP’s black hand is even reaching into the media, using the media as a weapon against political foes. Media tycoons, on the other hand, have become big wigs in the party, you scratch my back, and I scratch yours. In a democratic country, this is an ugly behavior violating the neutrality of the media, but the DPP is not afraid, because it has full control of politics, pro-Green media and the Internet, overwhelmingly oppressing the dissent which can hardly make their voices known.


Power is easy to corrupt, and absolute power will absolutely corrupt. The DPP is becoming more and more powerful, and its table manners are becoming more and more unsightly. To limit the right of plebiscites, the government goes on to limit that right; to pass the “Anti-Infiltration Bill", the government goes on railroading it, when it tries to dole out positions or benefits to its own people, it no longer minds what others think, just like at a dinner table seated with gourmands, devouring one mouthful after another Taiwan's resources of the state and the fruits of democracy.

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