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Huang Chien-ting's Innocence Crashes Against the Green Camp’s Formidable Fortress



Huang Chien-ting's Innocence Crashes Against the Green Camp’s Formidable Fortress


United Daily News Editorial (Taipei, Taiwan)


June 21, 2020

 Translation of an Excerpt



President Tsai nominated Chen Chu and Huang Chien-ting as president and vice president of the Control Yuan, respectively. It was originally considered to be a clever "one stone, three birds" strategy; who knew after the news came out, the Blue and Green camps both strongly backlashed, forcing the Presidential Palace to scrap the nomination press conference. With a clear conscience, Huang Chien-ting accepted the nomination, but whose who opposed him came from the Green camp. In the end, he was forced to reluctantly withdraw his nomination, badly wounded.


When Huang Chien-ting’s innocence crashed against the Green camp’s formidable fortress, we could only say that it was a tragedy of the times. In recent years, Taiwan has been ruptured to the extent of "either Blue or Green". There is no room for "community leaders of reputable fairness " or "figures maintaining neutrality". Therefore, even when it was not a so-exalted position, such as vice president of the Control Yuan, the Blue-Green duel was still alarming in its every move.


The storm surrounding Huang Chien-ting has made the Blue-Green fissures become even more difficult to heal. As to whether Chen Chu was appropriate as president of the Control Yuan, it has conversely been overlooked. The Kaohsiung City Hall team, when Chen Chu was the mayor, had 58 cases under investigation by the Control Yuan, of which the team was corrected in 30 cases and impeached in another three. Why did no one raise questions or pursue the matter, while allowing her to serve as president of the Control Yuan [the highest watchdog body under the ROC Constitution]?

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