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Chen Shih-chung, Why Do You Still Not Stop Performing Shows Now?



Chen Shih-chung, Why Do You Still Not Stop Performing Shows Now?


China Times Editorial (Taipei, Taiwan)


June 28, 2020

 Translation of an Excerpt



People crowded on Kenting Main Street during the Dragon Boat Festival long weekend, and National Expressway No. 5 was fanatically congested for 32 hours. Our countrymen have lost their vigilance against the pandemic, but the international pandemic outlook is not optimistic. It is estimated that the number of global confirmed cases will exceed 10 million by the end of June, and the number of deaths will increase to 500,000. The impact of the pandemic on the economy has not yet hit bottom; scholars and experts continue to remind us that we cannot think that the world is safe because there have been no new local confirmed cases for 2 months. Sure enough, Chen Shih-chung, the commander of the Epidemic Command Center, hoisted the tourism banner, walked all over Taiwan, enjoying the vacation and tasting all the goodies; he even appeared on a TV program to talk about entering the races. Just as he was on cloud nine, news broke out about a female Japanese college student tested positive upon returning to Japan!


Chen Shih-chung is still immersed in the beautiful dream of “times make a hero”, but his political character of a clear-cut stance and long-term experiences devoted to political activities have gradually been released from his humble and composed external appearance, allowing people to start knowing anew the other ego outside of the anti-pandemic hero. The flip-flopping policy vis-à-vis "ceilings for medical materials paid by the patients themselves" alone made Chen Shih-chung show his true colors. If the pandemic situation should break out without the protection of the anti-pandemic “divine kung fu”, he will only become worse and worse.


If the global pandemic tensions escalate further, Taiwan will not be that safe. Chen Shih-chung, can you stop performing shows, focus on professionalism and return to you own job, i.e., taking good care of the health of our countrymen?

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