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Foreseeing the Tragic End of a "Sworn Loyalist" of the US



Foreseeing the Tragic End of a "Sworn Loyalist" of the US


China Times Editorial (Taipei, Taiwan)


July 13, 2020

 Translation of an Excerpt



The Trump administration’s China policy has been comprehensively criticized and questioned, and is considered a failed foreign policy. According to a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center in 32 countries, only 29% of the interviewed respondents expressed confidence in Trump’s handling of world affairs. At this juncture, Taiwan, on the other hand, has placed all its bets on the US, and cross-Strait relations have deteriorated even more. The Washington Post considers the "National Security for Hong Kong Act" to be the PRC’s "blueprint" for handling the Taiwan question. There are endless cross-Strait crises. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has no capability for review and improvement, instead, it posts articles on Facebook and smuggles the designation of "Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs" in English. This is the sinking of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it is also the sorrow of the DPP's foreign policy.


The US-Taiwan bilateral relationship cannot escape from the structure of the US-China-Taiwan trilateral relationship. US policy and the development of US-China relations will inevitably impact Taiwan-US and cross-Strait relations. Over the past four years, the DPP government has overestimated the strength and belief of the United States in supporting Taiwan, and underestimated the PRCs capability and determination in handling the Taiwan question. Added to it the anti-China and hate-China thinking, it does not, even an iota, doubt in siding with the Trump government, to the extent of hoping to cut off ties with China. This is a dangerous and wrong first step.


Former senior officials of the US National Security Council, Michael Green and Evan Medeiros wrote a joint article in the "Foreign Affairs" quarterly magazine titled "Is Taiwan the Next Hong Kong? China Tests the Limits of Impunity", warning that the PRC would continue to push forward its goals and achieve its goals by force. Although there is a bipartisan consensus on US-China relations in the US, the two parties have many questions about the Trump administration's strategy and ability to handle Sino-US relations. For its own interests, Taiwan cannot rely under the United States, much less can it follow only the Trump government’s orders.

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