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The Taipei Dome Is About to Resume Work, What Has City Hall Done to Put People at Ease with Public Safety?



The Taipei Dome Is About to Resume Work, What Has City Hall Done to Put People at Ease with Public Safety?


United Daily News Editorial (Taipei, Taiwan)


July 19, 2020

 Translation of an Excerpt



After Taipei City Hall issued the construction license for the design modifications, the Taipei Dome, after being suspended for five years, will resume work soon, meaning that it is expected to be completed before Mayor Ko Wen-je finishes his second term. The latest scene of "the Dome Saga" was described as a magic show; the moment the curtain was unveiled, it was not shuttered ruins, but a large indoor stadium that was nearly completed. The dome body was shining with titanium; what actually happened during the suspension to the large indoor stadium? Is it really necessary to nurture a dome aura to the halo for Mayor Ko for his more exalted ambitions?


Why does the dome resume work? Leaving aside the non-dome factor, Ko Wen-je has no choice in the current situation. After five years of work stoppage, the peripheral affiliated facilities, such as movie theaters, department stores, and hotels, have been completed one by one, with practically no way for space adjustments. Instead of letting the dome remain in ruins as a sharp contrast, it would be better to apply make-up to the dome shell, so that, good or bad, it will be an accomplishment of Mayor Ko Wen-je. It's just that the tactics to escort the dome to pass the hurdles were too obvious for lacking any shield. On the part violating building codes, City Hall abandoned its authority to keep watch, asking the owners to make alterations by themselves instead. The license for using the dome that City Hall prepared to issue to the Taipei Dome has already been made.


The Taipei Municipal Government said that the issuance of licenses is only the beginning, and the strictest control for public safety standards will be carried out in accordance with the law. Citizens will not allow the big unfinished dome to become a new Nuclear Power Plant No. 4, the dome saga, after five years of work stoppage, has nearly been "completed in full", but will City Hall put people at ease for its public safety?


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