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“Complete Control of Gov’t Is Sure to Corrupt” Is Now Being Staged


 “Complete Control of Gov’t Is Sure to Corrupt” Is Now Being Staged


China Times Editorial (Taipei, Taiwan)


July 22, 2020

 Translation of an Excerpt



President Tsai Ing-wen, who is also the chairwoman of the party, emphasized in her speech at the DPP National Party Congress that some in society wrote the script “Complete Control of Government Is Sure to Corrupt” and made a big fuss about the future of the DPP, and that the DPP must prove with actions this script would not materialize. No sooner had the words left her mouth than a news story broke out that the Foreign Ministry’s TETO (Taipei Economic and Trade Office) in Indonesia filed accusations that Su Jia-chyuan, then Legislative Speaker, DPP legislator Su Chen-ching, and manpower agency operators were suspected to be involved in manipulating state-run enterprises for personal gain. Of course, this case must be further investigated, but the so-called "script" referred to by Chairwoman Tsai is in fact a drama of the present tense, progressive form. Even if the DPP feels good about itself, it cannot deceive itself while deceiving others.


In the past four years or so, the DPP, for the purpose of remaining in power, has been continuously consolidating power, eliminating dissidents, and amending laws to control opposition parties and freedom of speech. Parliament has become a battlefield for the Green army to crush in a highhanded manner, and the DPP nationalized the Farm Irrigation Association, blatantly expropriating civilian assets. The DPP incorporated media outlets as much as possible, and established a cyber army to launch a public opinion war. Executive power, like an octopus eroding the system everywhere, and constantly arranging one’s own people to enter government agencies and state-run enterprises, doling out fat cat jobs to the maximum. Independent agencies, such as the NCC and the Central Election Commission, have all been controlled, becoming the party’s "affiliated organizations". They are too numerous to mention. On the contrary, the scandals being questioned by society, such as the "National Security Cigarette Smuggling Case" and the "Chingfu Case", have one by one remained unresolved.



Recently, a series of alleged illegalities has broken out: “All the King's Men” gobbled up government tenders, and the close relatives of the powers-that-be, occupying high government positions, fanatically sucked huge profits from the government; all these have become worse as time goes by. In addition, a Grand Justice was "summoned by imperial orders” to appear before an “inquiry session”; controversies occurred in both the nomination of Control Yuan members and during the legislative confirmation; the appointment of police commissioners became a sacrificial offering in the struggle of factions. Even if all these incidents and phenomena are not yet considered scandals, they are controversies that continue to accumulate disgust by public opinion, and even the haughty abuse of power challenges the degree of patience of public opinion, and also tests Tsai Ing-wen’s political wisdom and determination.

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