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The Tsai Gov’t Must Clarify the Clouds of Suspicion over its New Southward Policy



The Tsai Gov’t Must Clarify the Clouds of Suspicion over its New Southward Policy


United Daily News Editorial (Taipei, Taiwan)


July 27, 2020

 Translation of an Excerpt



In a speech at the Federation of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Asia, President Tsai said that she would take advantage of Taiwan’s global distribution channels to drive more new business opportunities covered by our New Southward Policy. In fact, the Ministry of Finance only a day ago made public the overview of Taiwan’s import and export trade in the first half of the year. Exports to Mainland China and Hong Kong increased by 9.8% over the same period last year; exports to the United States and Japan also increased by 4.5% and 3.5%, respectively. The export scale hit a record high over the same period of the year. Only to ASEAN countries, the exports have decreased by 4.8% annually, with the export value dropping to the lowest in the recent four years.


On the next day, at the DPP National Party Congress, Tsai Ing-wen asked the comrades of the Green camp to remind themselves at all times to use actions to prove that the script will not become true that "the complete control of government is bound to corrupt". However, the script that “power corrupts” was immediately being shown in full view on the stage of the New Southward Policy based on a story of rampant wayward acts on the part of Green politicians and businessmen, while the Foreign Ministry deliberately made the matter a mystery.


After the DPP took power again, it promoted the New Southward Policy with the will of the state, but it has repeatedly trampled on the boundaries of the system due to selfish motivations, and even created Green compradores. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not dare to verify the authenticity of the telegrams sent by our representative office in Indonesia, trying to cover up the scandal all the way. The result is befuddling right and wrong, and creating the truth by repeating the falsehood. Tsai Ing-wen, please ask yourself this question: Why with all the brouhaha has the New Southward Policy nevertheless produced so little results, yet being clouded with plenty of suspicians?

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