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Vulgarization Is Not a Problem, But Forgetting the Original Motivation of Democracy Is Terrible



Vulgarization Is Not a Problem, But Forgetting the Original Motivation of Democracy Is Terrible


United Daily News Editorial (Taipei, Taiwan)


July 29, 2020

 Translation of an Excerpt




Lo Wen-jia, who had just retired completely from the post of DPP secretary-general, was recently interviewed, lamenting that the DPP had become a "vulgarized political party" and no longer the party he was familiar with, adding that "the party will get into big trouble sooner or later." This remark caused a lot of repercussions, and the most noticed was the reaction of the two former elders of the Green camp. Lin Cho-shui believes that Lo Wen-jia was being polite. The year before last, he had stated that the DPP "has disappeared". On the other hand, Shen Fu-hsiung, nevertheless stated bluntly that he had said the same thing when he withdrew from the party thirteen years ago, adding that Lo Wen-jia was silent when he was secretary-general, while firing parting salvos at the time of relinquishing his post.


In the DPP’s increasingly dense atmospherics of "a bully pulpit," Lo Wen-jia was willing to openly speak some words different from the mainstream. Although his words may not have been a deafening admonition, at least they produced some caveat effects. Lo Wen-jia kept his words to himself until he left the post of secretary-general. To a great extent, it also reflects the fact that the DPP is unable to tolerate dissent, or being so arrogant and complacent that it couldn’t care less for any criticisms. If the outgoing party secretary-general had to say some truths so mildly, let us ask when did the Tsai government ever listen to the criticisms of public opinion?


The DPP is not only a political party that Lo Wen-jia is no longer familiar with, it is also a DPP that the people of Taiwan don't recognize. What worries people is not its vulgarization, but that it has only vulgar interests in its eyes, and no longer has the original motivation of democracy.

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