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TVBS Poll: Ma 45%, Tsai 37%, Soong 6%


TVBS Poll: Ma 45%, Tsai 37%, Soong 6%


Source: TVBS


January 03, 2012



      According to the latest poll announced by TVBS Talk Show host Lee Tao (李濤) last night, 45% of the respondents supported Ma Ying-jeou, 37% supported Tsai Ing-wen, and 6% supported James Soong. 13% of the people questioned would not reveal for whom they planned to vote. The poll was conducted on December 30, 2011 and January 02, 2012 by TVBS with over 1,100 people surveyed. The margin of error associated with this sample is plus or minus 2.9% with a 95% confidence interval.        




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