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KMT presidential candidate: Taiwan needs a president well verse in finance and economy to break out of its predicament
Kuomintang presidential candidate Eric Chu has described the election on January 16 as a choice between stability and recklessness, saying Taiwan needs a president well verse in economic and financial ...
2016/01/06 1266
KMT presidential candidate urges Japan to issue formal apology to Taiwan over “Comfort Women” issue; outlines policy planks on food safety, childcare
Kuomintang presidential candidate Eric Chu has called on Japan to issue a formal apology to Taiwan over the decades-old issue of “Comfort Women” who were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese mil ...
2016/01/04 1270
KMT presidential candidate promises to raise basic wage to NT$30,000 per month if elected
Kuomintang presidential candidate Eric Chu has offered a three-point strategy, including raising the nation’s minimum wage to NT$30,000 from NT$20,008, to improve Taiwan’s lackluster economy and inter ...
2015/12/29 1494
KMT presidential candidate: Taiwan to remain as region's peacemaker if elected
Kuomintang Chairman and presidential candidate Eric Chu has told representatives of foreign missions in Taiwan that if the KMT remains as the ruling party after the January 16 presidential election, T ...
2015/12/16 1276
KMT chairman registers for 2016 presidential poll, asks DPP to stop its boycott
Kuomintang chairman and presidential candidate Eric Chu called on the Democratic Progressive Party on November 25 to stop opposing the trade-in-good and trade-in-service agreements with mainland China ...
2015/11/26 1437
Latest survey shows voters stump for KMT leader in terms of economic development and cross-strait relations
The latest opinion survey conducted by the Kuomintang has showed that KMT Chairman and presidential candidate Eric Chu is leading his Democratic Progressive Party opponent, chairperson Tsai Ing-wen by ...
2015/11/26 1038
KMT presidential candidate names former labor minister as his running mate
Kuomintang Chairman and presidential candidate Eric Chu has named former labor minister Wang Ju-hsuan (Jennifer Wang) as his running mate in the 2016 presidential election.
2015/11/20 1016
Opening up the only way to deal with global economic integrations: KMT chairman
Kuomintang Chairman Eric Chu said opening up is the only way to keep Taiwan from being marginalized in the face of the global trend of economic integrations.
2015/11/20 918
KMT chairman tells Washington Post current cross-strait policy in right direction
Kuomintang Chairman Eric Chu said the KMT must maintain its current cross-strait policy as it is a right thing that should be insisted on.
2015/11/19 1116
KMT supports abolition of capital gain tax on stock investment
Lin Yi-hua, director of Kuomintang’s Culture and Communications Committee, said on November 17 that the KMT supports abolition of the capital gain tax on stock investment due to its potentially negati ...
2015/11/18 916
In Letter to the Editor run by Washington Times, Chu says cross-strait peace can’t do without ‘1992 consensus’
Kuomintang Chairman and presidential candidate Eric Chu said it is highly important to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait as it is advantageous to Taiwan, the United States and mainland ...
2015/11/18 1051
Chu: Visit aimed to make Washington better understand KMT’s US and cross-strait policies
KMT Chairman Eric Chu said on November 11 that his visit to the United States is aimed at giving Washington a better understanding of the role his party will play in promoting peaceful relations with ...
2015/11/12 1099
DPP’s presidential candidate said to bury head in the sand
Irresponsible remarks by Democratic Progressive Party Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen on a recent summit between ROC President Ma Ying-jeou and CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping in Singapore have showed that ...
2015/11/09 983
KMT Chairman: Make the impossible possible
KMT Chairman Eric Chu Thursday said the 2016 presidential election is a tough battle for the party, but he will do all he could to make the impossible possible.  
2015/11/06 1013
KMT chairman Chu: Leaders’ summit positive for cross-strait peace
KMT Chairman Eric Chu said a summit between President Ma Ying-jeou and mainland CCP Chairman Xi Jinping is absolutely positive to peaceful development of cross-strait ties and cooperation.
2015/11/05 863
Ma-Xi Meeting: Presidential Office Press Statement
Presidential Office spokesperson Charles Chen (陳以信), on November 3, stated that President Ma Ying-jeou would meet with Mainland leader Xi Jinping (習近平) in Singapore on Saturday, November 7.
2015/11/04 1426
“ONE TAIWAN” as election campaign logo for Eric Chu
KMT presidential candidate who doubles as the party chairman has adopted a campaign logo that calls for ONE TAIWAN.
2015/11/03 1328
KMT NPC votes to repeal Hung, draft Chu to run in 2016 Presidential Poll
The KMT has made a painful decision to repeal legislature deputy speaker Hung Hsiu-chu’s presidential nomination, in an effort to boost the party’s chances in the January 16 polls and keep Taiwan’s pa ...
2015/10/17 902
Hung: only KMT Victory can assure ROC prosperity
Deputy Speaker Hung Hsiu-chu was confirmed as the KMT’s official Presidential candidate by acclamation. 
2015/07/24 1085
Glad to See Tsai Ying-wen Praises KMT Mainland Policy Achievements
The Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang or “KMT”) today expressed its appreciation to DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) Chairperson Tsia Ing-wen who affirmed the KMT’s Mainland policy achievements ...
2015/06/04 952
Chu: Does DPP Really Want to Return to the Generation of Cross-Strait Confrontations?
On May 6, KMT Chairman Eric Chu pointed out that a responsible political party or a candidate who wanted to run for President of the Republic of China should propose a concrete cross-Strait policy rat ...
2015/05/07 938
KMT Vice Chairman Hau to attend Conference on 10th Anniversary of Lien-Hu Meeting
On April 24, KMT Vice Chairman Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌) will lead a delegation, including Lu Shiow-yen (盧秀燕), a legislator and vice secretary-general of the KMT, Hsu Chih-jung (徐志榮), a KMT legislator, Chen ...
2015/04/23 975
National Policy Foundation, KMT Think Tank, Reorganized, Eric Chu Doubles as NPF Chairman
Lin Yi-hua (林奕華), director of the KMT Culture and Communications Committee, stated on February 10 that the National Policy Foundation (NPF), the KMT think tank, completed reorganization this morning. ...
2015/02/10 1565
Chairman Chu Proposes Reforms on Party Assets, Think Tank, and Organization
In a regular KMT Central Standing Committee meeting yesterday, KMT Chairman Eric Chu (朱立倫) stated that during his campaign for the chairmanship by-election, many esteemed members of the party and the ...
2015/01/22 1145
KMT: Liberty Times Misleads the Public with Deceitful Translation
The Taipei-based Liberty Times cited an article in the Japanese magazine “The Diplomat,” titled “How Hong Kong’s Protests Will Shape Taiwanese Politics,” which stated the protests in Hong Kong would i ...
2014/10/03 2154
National Party Congress: Ma Says KMT Has Safeguarded and Developed Taiwan the Most
The KMT held its national party congress in Chiayi (嘉義) City on September 14. KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九), Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng (王金平), and two KMT honorary chairmen, Lien Chan (連 ...
2014/09/15 2803
Lien Unveils Campaign Planks, Winning Ma’s Approval and Support
Sean Lien (連勝文), the KMT’s nominee for the up-coming Taipei Mayoral election, unveiled his campaign planks yesterday at the KMT Central Standing Committee meeting. Lien announced “Sowing the Seeds of ...
2014/08/21 1886
KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou: Let Us Help Each Other to Go Beyond Sorrow and Pain
During the weekly KMT Central Standing Committee (CSC) meeting yesterday, President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九), who doubles as KMT Chairman, led KMT CSC members to observe a minute of silence for the victims ...
2014/08/07 1937
KMT: Ruling and Opposition Parties Should Be One on NPM Issue
The Taipei-based National Palace Museum (NPM; 國立故宮博物院) is scheduled to exhibit a collection of its treasures at the Tokyo National Museum and the Kyushu National Museum in Japan from June 24 to Septem ...
2014/06/24 1381
KMT: How Can the DPP Flip-Flop on Constitutional Issues?
DPP Chairwoman-elect Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) contributed an article to media outlets on May 26, in which she argued that it was important to amend the Constitution to increase the number of Legislative sea ...
2014/05/27 1494

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