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With Tsai Ing-wen’s Gambit, Chen Shih-chung Immediately Fell Off the Pedestal
Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung, who has been enjoying the halo as the head of the Epidemic Command Center, was pushed off the pedestal by President Tsai out of the blue! The National Heal ...
2020/06/17 703
How Long Could Chen Shi-chung and the Three Times Coupons Sustain the Pandemic Containment Myth?
The Epidemic Command Center announced the reopening of all Taiwan; from President Tsai on down, various officials rushed around to put on a reopening show. Revitalization Three Times Coupons plus the ...
2020/06/16 759
Tipping the Balance: Gov’t Opens Doors to Foreign Contract Workers, But Rejects Students Across Borders
In a military barracks in Kaohsiung City, since June a large group of foreign contract workers moved in, being collectively quarantined, while City Hall did not know anything about it. After being rev ...
2020/06/15 723
First Step for Goodwill, Lifting Lockdown on Cross-Strait Exchanges
Speaking of the pandemic waves, Asia and Europe have already passed their peaks, and various countries have relaxed their controls one after another, hoping to allow economic and social life to return ...
2020/06/12 525
At That End "Flirting Dialogue", and at This End "Cold-Blooded Hot Pursuit for a Kill"
On the political stage of the DPP, it never lacks dramas of tender dialogue and ruthless killing existing side by side, nor does it lack contradictions between high-pitched democracy and conspiratory ...
2020/06/11 716
Triple Coupons Not Easy to Use, Not Stimulating, But Very Penny-Pinching
In order to stimulate consumption and revitalize the economy, the "Revitalization Coupons", being promoted amid repeated expectations, were finally scheduled to be launched on July 15. Each person pay ...
2020/06/10 683
When American Values Besiege the Chinese Market
The Trump administration advertises “America First,” strangling and tripping up other countries, but the interests of economic and trade relations between many countries and China may be far greater t ...
2020/06/09 649
Soon to Be Poked Diplomatic Bubble
Since the DPP came to power, it has bet solely on the Trump government in its foreign relations, deliberately creating the impression that Taiwan and the United States have cooperated against China, a ...
2020/06/08 677
The "I Can't Breathe" Fight Has Become Trump's Hot Potato
When Trump announced the cancellation of special treatment towards Hong Kong and withdrew from the WHO, in addition to the COVID-19 virus pandemic still running high, huge demonstrations and riots bro ...
2020/06/05 648
Premier Su, Rather than Counting Parking Garage Spaces, It Would Be Better to Plan for Opening the Borders
Japan plans to implement the first wave of post-pandemic border control loosening at the end of June. To date, Japan, which still has dozens of newly confirmed cases every day, has begun lifting the b ...
2020/06/04 616
The Most Turbulent Moment, the Most Chaotic Nat’l Security Team
The Mainland People’s Congress enacted the "Hong Kong version of the National Security Law". Taiwan, the US, Japan, and other related countries knew nothing about it beforehand, seemingly unprepared i ...
2020/06/03 687
Gov’t Should Not Use Our Industry Risks to Help Trump's Electoral Chances
TSMC recently announced that it would invest in an advanced stage plant in Arizona, USA. The New York Times described the investment case as "Trump's victory," but Trump's victory was based on the ris ...
2020/06/02 805
To Recall Han Kuo-yu, Is It Worth It for You to Cut Throat by Jettisoning Neutrality?
Next weekend, an election will be held in Kaohsiung City to recall Mayor Han Kuo-yu. On the surface, it is the civic group "WeCare" that initiated the move, and it is also a public opinion trial that ...
2020/06/01 628
Revitalization Coupons to Be Issued in July, Wasting 3 Months for Nothing
  After the "discount coupons" had been brewing loudly for nearly two months, the Cabinet finally decided to change the name to "revitalization coupons", slated to hit the road in July. According to ...
2020/05/29 646
Taiwan Cannot Escape Hong Kong's Fate?
"Hong Kong today, Taiwan tomorrow". During the presidential campaign, the Green camp propaganda machine seized the immense momentum of Hong Kong's protests and demonstrations, packaging itself into an ...
2020/05/28 735
Forcibly Changing Two Systems into One State Would Distance the Two Sides of the Strait Even Further
  At the opening of the National People's Congress in Mainland China, Beijing decided to directly legislate the national security law and implementation mechanism for Hong Kong, dropping a bombshell ...
2020/05/27 677
Fake Classified Documents Hook the True Face of the Presidential Palace
A couple of days ago, a scandal dubbed "hackergate" broke out in the Presidential Palace, which has pointed out that the whole thing was a fake. However, the content of the story approximates to a hig ...
2020/05/26 955
Constitution and the Cross-Strait Relations Statute: President Tsai Has to Fulfill What She Has Pledged!
Tsai Ing-wen was sworn in yesterday, officially starting her second four-year term. Pinpointing cross-Strait relations, the President reiterated in her inaugural address "peace, parity, democracy, and ...
2020/05/25 556
The Ascent of Confidants: The Disturbing Personnel Revamp
In the treacherous atmosphere of computer hacking and leaking of confidential information of the Presidential Palace, President Tsai completed the important personnel deployment for her second term. L ...
2020/05/22 577
In the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea, Who Is Playing a Game of War?
The Kyodo News Agency of Japan recently quoted informed sources as saying that the Mainland would conduct a large-scale amphibious military drill of an "unprecedented scale" on Hainan Island in August ...
2020/05/21 778
The Competing Clowns for Plotting Taiwan Independence: Short Selling or Doing Something Foolish by Getting Themselves Burned?
Legislator Tsai Yi-yu et al. introduced an amendment bill to the "Statute Governing Cross-Strait People’s Relations" and another amendment bill to the "Additional Articles of the Constitution", attemp ...
2020/05/20 576
For Participating in WHA, the Powers-that-be Must Have Visionary Considerations
For a long time, Taiwan has hoped to participate in the activities of the World Health Organization (WHO), at a minimum it wants to be invited to attend the annual World Health Assembly (WHA). This ye ...
2020/05/19 544
A Pandemic Shatters “Pro-US, Anti-China” Illusions
The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in the US, and President Trump accuses that the virus originated in China, being the "most serious attack" on the US, more serious than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 ...
2020/05/18 659
The Tsai Gov’t Must Pay Great Attention to Int’l Competition and Not Squabble with Local Gov’ts
Taiwan has had no confirmed domestic cases of COVID-19 pneumonia for a month, showing that this wave of pandemic is gradually petering out. The Tsai government ought to seize this advantage for a bigg ...
2020/05/15 518
Ultra-egoistic National Team Can Win Super Domestic Publicity But Can’t Win People’s Hearts
 Recently, Premier Su Tseng-chang has quickened more and more the tempo of his speech, has made posters bigger and bigger at his press conferences, and has made more and more slogans for the national ...
2020/05/14 580
Resolutely Rejecting the Idea of Distributing Cash Subsidies, Su Continues to Be Mired in Bailout Programs
As the new coronavirus pandemic gradually slows down around the world, various countries are starting to open up and lift bans, shifting the focus of pandemic control from containing the virus to resu ...
2020/05/13 700
Green Camp Hatchet Men Create Troubles Amid Pandemic, While Grand Justices Remain Indifferent
The Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee (IGPASC) has been investigating the KMT’s "illicit party assets" and "affiliated organizations"; recently, it again pointed its sword toward the Chines ...
2020/05/12 665
Controls Becoming Normal: When the Pandemic Slows Down, Can Democracy Indeed Return?
As the pandemic situation in Taiwan has completed 100 days, no confirmed domestic cases have been reported for over 20 days. The society is filled with sentiments of expecting the lifting of the vario ...
2020/05/11 557
Every Announcement of Bailout Programs Looks Like an Attack on Hard-Working Taxpayers
Holding a long billiard cue, Premier Su Tseng-chang pointed to oversized text on the wall behind him, and explained the government's latest bailout program item by item. All workers holding billboards ...
2020/05/08 564
Lion Travel Agency & Tayih Landis Hotel: What Are the Opportunities for the Resuscitation of the Tourism Industry?
The COVID pandemic is gradually slowing down in Taiwan; for more than three months, how to restore the hopes of the industries heavily hurt, especially the tourism and hospitality industries, will be ...
2020/05/07 586

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